Zone Revolution in Bordeaux, a gym that shakes up the codes of fitness rooms

Zone Revolution is shaking up the fitness market in Bordeaux with the opening of its 5th room. The gym has an ambitious concept and is on the fringes of traditional gyms. A concept that pleases and that revolutionizes in a way the fitness market in Bordeaux. Indeed, despite a context that has not been tender with gyms, Zone Revolution continues its development in the city.

Despite the closure of the gyms following the health crisis, the two founders have been able to keep and retain their customers. Thanks to their vision of former high-level athletes, they have managed to combine love of sport, perseverance and business. More than a gym, Zone Revolution offers personalized support to all people who want to take care of them without really knowing how. In contrast to low-cost gyms, Zone Revolution stands out. The concept highlights the human dimension, which is all too often lacking in gyms.

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The health crisis has been gyms

Sport has stayed the course despite a difficult context.

The success of Zone Revolution came even though the context was not good. Indeed, the COVID-19 crisis has not allowed all athletes to practice their sport in a normal way. Many clubs and gyms have closed their doors. They responded to the measures decided by the government during the periods of confinement.

In addition, during this period, some politicians and health professionals have called for the reopening of gyms as soon as possible. Indeed, for the latter, the consequences of a decrease in sports practice has dramatic consequences both physically and psychologically. In this sense, they ask to reconsider the status of gyms by placing them as essential structures. The situation was critical when we know the benefits of sport to fight against sedentary lifestyle, obesity, cardiovascular risks… But beyond jeopardizing people’s physical activity, the prolonged closure has had dramatic economic consequences for gyms. According to the Union Sport & Cycle, in November 2020, 500 sports halls had to close their doors permanently. There has been government assistance. But they have been insufficient for some institutions in relation to the accumulated losses.

On the other hand, very often we have had the impression that COVID-19 has been a driver for sports practice. Alongside fitness magazine, the IFOP has taken stock of the sports practice of the French during the COVID-19 crisis.

This assessment then shows the trends during the crisis and also clears the horizon in terms of habits and sports practice. During the crisis, the balance sheet reports that there was an impression of wider diffusion of the sport. In reality, this is just an impression. At this time, the sport only became more visible since it was mainly practiced outdoors. Indeed 46% of French sports practitioners have gone to train outside. In addition, it should be noted that the French provided the same answers in terms of frequency of activity as the previous year. For example, 59% reported physical activity at least once a week. In 2019, they were 61%. Thus, the figures are rather stable despite the context. A good thing for the Zone Revolution concept.

On the other hand, what has changed is the involvement of the French in the practice of their sport. That is to say, for the most athletic, there is no question of letting go during the closure of their gym or sports club. Thus, there has been a phenomenon of“good resolutions”. The more athletic have accentuated their practice and the less athletic have maintained or slowed down their pace. The practice of sport has also been more visible following the emergence of online courses. A quarter of athletes have taken up this type of course in order to be accompanied in their practice.

Thus, the practice of sport has not lost its followers. Practice habits have changed a little. Indeed, if the athletes have kept the course, some less physical have slowed down the pace. This slowdown is due to a lack of motivation or surely support. It will be said that it is not always easy to know how to achieve your goals when you are alone in your practice. This is how the success of Zone Revolution came about. Indeed, after a market study, the founders of the gym wanted to set up a new concept. It makes it possible to offer solutions to all people who wish to practice sport without knowing how to do it.

Zone Revolution Gym Bordeaux
Personalized support in the Zone Revolution rooms. Photography: Zone Revolution

Zone Revolution, a new generation gym as close as possible to its practitioners

In less than 18 months, the concept of zone revolution rooms has won the hearts of athletes. Indeed, the concept has made it possible to open 5 sports halls in the Ginko eco-district, Bouscat, Bassin à flots, La Rochelle and now Sainte Catherine. The concept was born thanks to two former high-level athletes, Marina and Yoann Jalinier. Both have the will to share their passion for sport. Indeed, Marina was former captain of the French Roller Hockey team. As for Yoann, he was Captain of the French Junior Hockey Team before making the selection for the world championships. Finally he became a coach and sports director.

On Bordeaux Marina, also did personalized coaching. Through her experience, she noted that the audience she coached did not find themselves in “classic” gyms. Indeed, this audience was looking for support and advice to motivate themselves and achieve their goals. Thus, with Yoann they set up the business model of the Zone Revolution rooms. The goal is to offer gyms that allow you to take care of your body while being fully accompanied.

To make the ideas concrete, the two athletes have set up a fundraiser. In particular, it was carried out by a team of 6 shareholders with experience in the business. Thus, the first Zone Revolution room opened in January 2020 in the Ginko eco-district. By responding to the challenges of the market and the problem of the lack of support, the room has met with real success. Indeed, the accompaniment makes it possible to maintain the motivation. If the members are motivated, they want to go back to the gym and the bet is only a winner.

The success story of Zone Revolution is not intended to stop in such a good way. Yoann and Marina are planning new openings in the coming months in the west of the country as well as in the capital. In addition, they want to develop a network of franchisees in order to become the largest French gym boutique franchise in 5 years.


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