Ziticity delivers your business gifts from Paris to Bordeaux

Ziticity is a courier service for professionals. The aim is to facilitate BtoB and BtoC deliveries, especially in this period of health crisis. As the holiday season approaches, delivery services are often overloaded and gifts are sent on time, so it is not guaranteed. That’s why Ziticity offers an express delivery service, at affordable prices, to limit the impact of new online consumption habits.

Ziticity, for a BtoB express delivery

The end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching and have an impact on delivery times. Black Friday is also present, with the number of orders between November and December being the busiest time of the year. Thus, it is to counter these lengthening of delays that the Ziticity platform was created. This service is aimed at companies, in order to facilitate the deliveries of their products. In a time of health crisis, online sales are major for businesses, unable to accommodate consumers in large numbers in stores. It allows professionals and companies to send all kinds of products in record time and follow-up. Indeed, being a service 7 days a week, your parcels can be delivered all day, from dawn until late at night.

courier ziticity delivery noel
Ziticity couriers allow professionals to deliver Christmas gifts to their partners and suppliers on time.

Thus, the Ziticity delivery service allows you to deliver your Christmas gifts on time to your suppliers and partners. Offering affordable prices, it is an alternative to overcrowded delivery services. For example, Ziticity reports savings of 20% compared to other courier services. Available in the cities of Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, your parcels to these same cities can be delivered during the day. This allows you to avoid the stress of delays and the apprehension of late Christmas gifts.

Delivery services, overloaded this Christmas Covid

The Covid-19 has had a strong impact on the way consumers consume. Indeed, more than 75% of shoppers say they want to shop for Christmas gifts online (1). Having become accustomed to this habit, especially during the first containment, online sales and purchases have increased considerably. By the first quarter of 2020, e-commerce had already increased by 24% in France (2). Indeed, the closure of so-called non-essential shops therefore force consumers to buy online. In the context of a health crisis, some concerns are still present. This encourages consumers to make more use of e-commerce.

Thus, at the end of 2020, delivery services are in high demand. More than 560 million items were distributed in France in 2018 (3). This figure has been steadily increasing for several years. In addition, consumers take advantage of operations such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to anticipate their gifts. For 27% of consumers, November is the right time to make their Christmas shopping (1). The tense flow period thus extends to November and December. This is one of the reasons why the Ziticity platform focuses its express services at this time of year. The aim is to meet a high demand for delivery from professionals, despite the overload of carriers and couriers for individuals.


Deliver your gifts before the holidays, Ziticity, release of November 23, 2020

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