Zèta and Château le Payral, sneakers made of bergeracois grapes

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Zèta engages a little more on the turning point of responsible fashion alongside The Payral Castle. Indeed, the start-up Bordelaise accompanied by Unitec offers zero-waste sneakers. If these sneakers are so special it is because they are made entirely from recycled materials. Alongside Château le Payral, Zèta worked for nearly four months to develop a local vintage basketball model. Surprising as it is, sneakers are made from Bergeracois grapes. Thus, with Zeta it is possible to afford fashion, trend, ethical, zero waste and meaningful items. In addition to being just very trendy, it must be said that Zèta sneakers are also a reflection of a fashion that is committed. Like what, it is possible to produce fashion well and better.

An ambitious collaboration between Zeta and Château le Payral

In October 2020, Zèta sets up a crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule platform. The young Start-up from Bordeaux offers sneakers made from grape grounds. The company designs recycled, vegan sneakers. The aim is to ensure the environmental impact of production. Shoe models are designed in Bordeaux and are assembled by hand in Porto, less than 1000 km from Bordeaux. Indeed, in addition to offering zero-waste shoes, Zèta is also committed to respecting men at work. For the brand Zèta it becomes even more possible at the side of the Château le Payral.

It is in this context that Thierry Daulhiac discovers and makes contact with the brand. Thierry Daulhiac owns the Le Payral estate. He succeeds 6 generations in the family estate, which he took over in 1992. The vineyard represents no less than fifteen hectares that extend over the limestone plateaus of the Dordogne. In these places, the estate grows white and red grape varieties. Aware of environmental issues for several years, he has been working in organic viticulture and biodynamics since 2005. Indeed, respect for authenticity and land are his watchwords.

Every year during the harvest, there are 800,000 tonnes of grape grounds. This grape marc goes mainly to distilleries. However, in this process, Thierry Daulhiac makes a statement. He realizes that there is still a wine by-product that is too undervalued. In this sense, and always following his environmental approach, he decides to act. He therefore embarked on a circular economy approach. For this, he could not choose better than the company Zèta. By teaming up together, Zèta and Château le Payral combine two expertises to contribute to a circular economy model but also to move the lines.

The vintage shoe was born. It reflects both Aquitaine’s winemaking know-how and a rich and meaningful approach. Indeed, behind this sneaker, there are no “seeds”, finally maybe a few grape seeds, but that’s it. It must be said that the vintage basketball is indeed the fruit of a human collaboration and respectful in all aspects between Zeta and Château le Payral.

The vintage sneaker of the brand Zèta. Photographs: Zeta

Zeta, a step towards a more responsible fashion

From the very beginning, the start-up Zèta used grapes to make the exterior of its sneakers. However, today, Zeta wishes to go further in his approach with the Château le Payral. Indeed, she wants to integrate wine waste into the soles of her shoes. It looks like the brand follows the principles of the famous chemist, Lavoisier. The latter already stated in the 18th century that “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. Thus, the Zèta brand is committed to an approach that respects the environment. She seizes the opportunity of a fashion that opens up to new and more ethical practices and that’s all the better.

Indeed, following the numerous scandals of the textile industry and its sometimes questionable practices, consumers are in demand. They’re looking to consume better. Beyond buying a simple clothing or fashion accessory, they want to reduce their impact on the environment but also they want items produced with respect for men. Indeed, according to a survey by the French Fashion Institute, in 2018 already 45.8% of consumers bought a responsible fashion product.

In 2020, the great citizens’ consultation on sustainable fashion was held. This event was launched last September by the paris Good Fashion association. It is an opportunity to take stock of the issues of a more responsible fashion. Thus, this year, responsible fashion continues to grow and the health crisis has only amplified this movement. According to the results of the consultation, 64% of consumers want to buy eco-responsible. In this sense, the Zèta brand seems to have grasped consumer expectations soon enough. This new vision of fashion seems to open doors that are not ready to close anytime soon.

Indeed, with his latest sneaker, the vintage, Zèta fully enters the movement of a sustainable fashion by pushinghis approach to the end. Zèta collects the marc from the Château Le Payral. Following, it is dehydrated in ovens and then turned into powder to be integrated into recycled rubber soles or cork soles. Thus, in each pair of vintage it is no less than a kilo of waste that is valued and assembled with respect for men in Portugal. Finally, to combine the two know-how, the vintage is packaged in a wine box certified FSC and PEFC and accompanied by a paper flyer and wine waste. A packaging as original as it is representative of the entire process.

Thus, it is possible to order the Zèta sneakers from the brand’s website since March 8th. Here’s a great way to restore the fashion industry’s crest. Consumers are in demand and Zeta understands this. The start-up shows that responsible fashion is possible by offering products at the cutting edge of trends. With Zeta on your feet, it’s time to take the step towards responsible fashion.


“Zèta and Château le Payral launch La Millésime: a local sneaker in Bergerac grapes” Zèta, press release of March 9, 2021



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