Zenride, green mobility right down to business

Zenride encourages employees to cycle rather than drive to their workplace. Created in 2018, this Parisian start-up wants to reconcile companies and their employees with the practice of cycling. In the face of environmental issues and road traffic, using other means of transport makes it possible to act healthily. A challenge in the age of time, between the global pandemic and the desire to take more care of the planet. This is an opportunity for Zenride, which is experiencing a 500% growth in sales between 2019 and 2020.

A successful deployment in the major French metropolises for Zenride

Today, the Parisian start-up has come a long way. It is now present in several major French cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Lille or Lyon to name a few. Zenride has developed its services there, aimed at a clientele: companies. For many employees in companies, the issue of mobility is a central issue. Not all employees have a personal vehicle, or a direct proximity to public transport.

It is with this in mind that Zenride develops its services for companies. A package directly offered to companies that wish to offer bicycles to their employees. They receive a bicycle that allows them to travel between their homes and their workplaces. This allows more freedom, and fits perfectly into the current desires of users.

Young cycling trip
Zenride wants to encourage the daily use of bicycles among employees.

Indeed, in big cities, getting around by car is far from a fun game. During rush hour, traffic is becoming increasing, and finding parking is not easy. Traffic also affects bus routes, and users also experience peaks in traffic. Conditions not always conducive to a peaceful trip, especially given the pandemic.

For example, cycling has been taking up a new place in the daily life of the French for the past year. A need to move, and to spend. With the development of bicycles especially electric,travel is no longer solely related to sports practice. The new bikes replace vehicles. An evolution that Zenride has noticed and wants to develop.

Zenride, key partnerships for ambitious development

Zenride already enjoys 60 partnerships with independent businesses. A showcase that allows it to offer its offers in many of the country’s metropolises. But in 2020, the company decided to look even further… And to forge two new strategic partnerships with important players. Indeed, the first partnership concerns AllTricks. It is the largest e-commerce site specializing in the sale of bicycles. A practice in the age of time, with remote purchases. This is particularly suited to the current context.

The second partnership is with the giant Decathlon. The sports brand and Zenride want to set up a service for renting function bikes with adapted rates. This partnership, which begins in Paris and Lille, allows companies that use Zenride’s services to obtain Decathlon cycles.

The main objective of the start-up is above all to offer a flexible offer to corporate clients, to develop the use of bicycles within companies. Nevertheless, Zenride also faces the vagaries of the pandemic,starting with telework. Since the first containment in March 2020, many have not yet returned to the company. For example, Zenride estimates that 220 users registered on the platform have not yet used the services offered.

Bike bike path travel
With the deployment of bike lanes in the city, cycling is an important part of the city.

In order to encourage them to use the bike, the brand offers them to order their bike as soon as possible, in order to have the desired model. They are also encouraged to use them for private trips, to train to handle it. A solution that gradually makes it possible to abandon the car and public transport…

Ambitious short-term development goals

Zenride does not intend to stop there, given its success since its inception. The entreprIse wants to develop its client portfolio for the adoption of the function bike. The company currently owns 75 corporate customers, and would like to quickly convert 150 more. It also aims to partner with 100 stores in major cities. With the development of its services, Zenride hopes to be able to deploy the use of “function bikes” and to change the way companies operate… Towards a more CSR approach.


2020 results: record growth for Zenride, the pioneer of the functional bike in France, Zenride release of 22 February 2021

The bike for your daily commute,Zenride

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