Zenride, a player committed to companies for soft mobility

Zenride is one of these players committed to promoting greener mobility on a daily basis, especially in large cities. The latter having alternative solutions to the car, it is easier to move for everyday trips. Journeys between home and work as well as for personal travel. For these people who travel often, Zenride offers a solution: the bicycle as a means of transport. A project that seduces, especially in business.

Companies engage through Zenride

Since 2018, the French player has been offering companies the need to encourage their employees to travel by bike rather than by car. Zenride thus invented the“function bike”,which refers to the company car, used to move in a professional setting. However, the bikes offered by Zenride are also usable in the context of weekday work, especially for work-home trips… But also in a personal context, during the weekend.

Zenride relies on the bikes offered by its partners, bike shops located throughout France. The company buys bicycles, before renting them to companies for their employees. To date, Zenride equips more than 150 companies, located in medium-sized cities or larger cities in France. A significant launch for the company, in the face of growing needs.

Companies are increasingly concerned about mobility and ecological issues. This is an issue to which companies in all sectors are sensitive, especially in large cities. Move more easily, but especially without having an impact on the planet. In this CSR approach,but also well-being for employees, the bike is becoming a norm.

Professional bike company
Zenride equips French companies with company bikes.

Contribute to the activity of bicycle shops

Bike shops meet the needs of actors who go through Zenride. They choose the bikes they need, which the company buys from sellers. Then they rent them to companies for the duration of their choice. This solution is economical for employees, who contribute only 30% of the monthly rent to have a bike.

This makes it easier to get around the city on a daily basis. In cities like Bordeaux, the network of bike paths is developing strongly, to allow everyone to move safely. But it also shows the commitment of cities to this new type of mobility. The majority of requests with Zenride correspond to purchases of electrically assisted bicycles (78% of cases). Zenride also records 11% of muscle bikes, 10% of folding bikes for smaller households… And even 1% dedicated to cargo bikes, more optimized for loaded outings.

In total, Zenride rents more than thirty different brands to French companies. A promising success for the future, given the changing needs and expectations of companies and employees. Many of them are interested in better mobility on a daily basis…


Zenride, the start-up that invented the company bike, promotes the local economy. Press release of October 21, 2021

The strong alternative to the sustainable mobility package for cycling Zenride

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