Youtube: why communicate for your business on Youtube?

Youtube profite du succès du format vidéo et s’impose comme le réseau social phare pour communiquer sur son entreprise, sa marque, ses produits. Pour cause, les chiffres de Youtube sont impressionnants. 80 000 vidéos vues par seconde dans le monde ; plus d’un milliard d’heures de visionnage chaque jour ; plus de 70 % des vidéos lues depuis un mobile… Ainsi, chaque année, le format vidéo pour le marketing des entreprises gagne en popularité. En 2021, 86 % des entreprises y ont recours, soit un point de plus qu’en 2020. A titre de comparaison, elles étaient 63 % à utiliser le marketing vidéo en 2017.

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Why integrate Youtube into your communication strategy?

It would not occur to us to close the door to the majority of our customers. However, this is in a way the result obtained if we forget Youtube in its communication strategy. This is given that Google, YouTube and Facebook are the three most visited sites in 2020. It should also be noted that the first two belong to the same company since Google has owned Youtube since 2006. In addition, both show record numbers since Google has 66.52 billion visits on in 2020; and that the average session time is higher on YouTube than other social networks, with 33 minutes and 11 seconds. It is also a social network that attracts 39.5 million French people every month, or 78.2% of those over 18.

Beyond the time spent on the platform and the number of users, Youtube is also an excellent acquisition channel. For good reason, Internet users say they are twice as likely to buy a product if they have seen it on Youtube. They are also four times more likely to use YouTube to learn about a brand and product, rather than another source of information. (1)

Aware of the power of Youtube, brands largely favor this platform in their video communication strategy. Thus, in 2021, 89% use Youtube (+1% compared to 2020); 70% operate Facebook (-6%); 64% LinkedIn (-3%); or 58% bet on Instagram (-7%). Linkedin is therefore, with Tik Tok (+ 5%), the only platform that gains points this year. (2)

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Communicate on Youtube, results beyond the video platform

With Youtube, a brand’s communication strategy passes a significant milestone. For good reason, beyond the visibility within the platform, Youtube significantly increases the digital presence of the brand throughout the online ecosystem.

For example, Youtube is a great SEO booster. The platform is made to improve the referencing of videos, both on Youtube itself, and in search engines. Notably Google, which accounts for more than 90% of traffic. All you have to do is correctly identify the keywords on which to position yourself and then fill in the title, subtitles, tags and descriptions under the videos.

In addition, the referencing of a website also depends on its technical quality and lightness, hosting its brand videos on Youtube allows them to be broadcast on the site with minimal impact on its technical performance.

This ability to improve SEO also pays off as part of a PR strategy. For good reason, the media are more and more in demand video to integrate into their articles. By providing them with it, the brand increases on the one hand its chances of being published; on the other hand, visibility on each of these relays.

A well-conducted video marketing strategy is also an asset for the animation of all the brand’s networks. For good reason, a Youtube video can be relayed on other networks. With the same content, we feed our community management outside of Youtube. Moreover, with a single long video broadcast on Youtube, the brand can make a multitude of short videos for other social networks. In this way, it adapts to the use of each social network to get the most out of its videos.

Animating a Youtube channel also allows you to create a community around your brand and the key topics it addresses. It is an excellent tool to make yourself known to an audience interested in these topics, recruit new customers, as well as retain the current clientele.


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