YouTube, video communication for brands

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has established itself as the leading platform for video streaming. With its acquisition by Google in 2006, it takes up even more media space. YouTube Video, YouTube Music, YouTube Premium… Offers and applications are multiplying to ensure the platform a place of choice despite the increasing competition. As a reference platform, it provides YouTube channel owners with referencing tools and tracking data to improve the quality of posted content. Between advertising and audience measurement, it maintains the ground for the professionalization of videos. Taking advantage of this essential video content, brands also take this medium for their communication. While content strategies are expanded with innovations and new media, in video, YouTube remains the indinate.

Video and branding, YouTube at the heart of content strategies

Video, a generator of engagement

With 46 million unique visitors to YouTube each month, it’s no wonder the platform is one of the most popular media outlets for professionals. And for good reason, video is the most engaging format for Internet users. On social networks, a video allows on average 30% more interactions than a photograph. In this context, brands fully integrate video into their content strategy. Working in their community, they stage ambassadors and personalities to humanize the relationship with their targets. The perfect opportunity to retain your audience, work on its notoriety and improve its e-reputation.

As for the audience, far from the cliché that YouTube is an exclusively young media, it gathers no less than 39 million Major French, or 77% of coverage. The 25-49 year olds represent 52% of subscribers, the 50 and over occupy 28% and the 18-24 year olds 20%.

Woman Youtube consultant on her smartphone and computer for her brand communication

YouTube, a hybrid of television and social network

In short, YouTube is television with a bonus illusion of close relationship. Thus, the average duration of a YouTube session is 46 minutes for 18-34 year olds. We’re moving to 27 minutes for 25-49 year olds. The time of a series or sitcom episode: television but à la carte.

Succinctly, the streaming platform uses the traditional springs of television (quality video, “chains”, advertising, mass audience…) and social media springs. Indeed, animated mainly by ordinary users, it gives the impression of being accessible while actually imposing a consequent rigor. So it’s a powerful hybrid for brand communication. In addition, properly indexed YouTube videos also enter Google search results. They therefore complement the referencing strategies for professionals and Digital Businessactions. In this context, they regularly opt for YouTube advertising or collaborations with YouTubers who already have a qualified audience. On New Aquitaine in New Aquitaine, we can cite personalities such as Seb la frite, Jigmé or Elsa Make Up who gather a wide variety of audiences.

YouTube, video alternatives for professionals

The video takes on a variety of formats to adapt to the subjects, the audience, the objectives. Thus, if traditionally we prepared a video upstream to publish it, we now see the development of live video formats. Fans of short and playful content, users devour video tutorials, webinars or even video courses. And for good reason, 65% of them use video to solve a daily problem and 1/3 watch live videos. On this last point, companies do not bother to take the step since they would already be 64% to use live video (3).

However, in this context, YouTube is not necessarily the most suitable. Even if it allows live streaming, the options offered do not necessarily meet users’ expectations. On the other hand, there are other platforms more suitable for professionals. In Bordeaux, for example, LibCast offers integrated video solutions, tailored to each screen and their respective uses. In addition to allowing companies to customize the interface to reflect their brand identity, unlike YouTube, it provides a serious intellectual property policy where YouTube struggles to protect copyright. In addition, it offers all the tools useful to the company to measure audience behavior, number of views, engagement.


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