Youtube: the basis of video marketing

Youtube is the nerve center of any video marketing strategy for a brand. For good reason, the video platform is the second most visited site after Google. Also, if a company wants to develop video for its communication, it has every interest in integrating Youtube into its strategy, and not only social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. As proof of the strength of video, more than 80% of global internet traffic is occupied by video (1). On social networks, it is even at the origin of 1200% more shares than a simple image accompanied by text. Such results are not surprising when you consider that video is one of the few means of communication that can stimulate the senses and create emotional engagement.

Define your video strategy for your company, brand or products

En vidéo-marketing, il ne s’agit pas de produire de la vidéo pour produire de la vidéo. Au contraire, la programmation résulte d’une stratégie cohérente avec la stratégie de l’entreprise et le reste de la stratégie marketing. Il convient donc de définir clairement les objectifs poursuivis, d’identifier les cibles, ainsi que de prévoir les différents types de contenu à travailler. Grâce à cela, l’entreprise peut déterminer la ligne éditoriale des vidéos, ainsi que les fréquences de publications.

Then, it is necessary to intelligently list the topics to be treated in video. In order to reach as many people as possible, the ideal is to carry out a study to determine the most used keywords and search phrases. This not only makes it possible to obtain a relevant list of topics to be covered, but also to determine the titles, both for SEO and to capture the attention of the audience.

On Youtube in particular, the choice of keywords and semantic fields has a considerable impact on visibility. For good reason, the platform is intended to exploit tags such as title, subtitles and descriptions, as well as tags.

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Communicate well in video on Youtube and social networks

Exploiting video for marketing immediately engages the brand image. Thus, a well-made video serves the notoriety and reputation of the company, when a contrario, a failed film negatively impacts it. Also, on Youtube as on other social networks, video marketing must be synonymous with quality. Image, colors, sound, rhythm, editing…

Thus, like any project, in the same way as for a cinematographic film, each video must be mastered. She must meet the set objective, follow a meticulous scenario, carefully study the setting of the shooting. For good reason, your audience doesn’t just want information about the brand or a product. She wants dreams.

Today, with the proliferation of distribution platforms, the rectangular Youtube format in landscape is no longer the only standard. On the other hand, mobile use tends to reverse the image. There are now port formats, such as stories, or square formats.

Dans le même temps, la vidéo cherche à s’adapter à des temps d’attention de plus en plus courts. Ainsi, on estime que, sur Instagram, la vidéo idéale dure moins de 30 secondes ;  éventuellement une minute sur Facebook ; puis deux minutes sur YouTube. Toutefois, les usages sur Youtube ont tendance à évoluer également. Pour cause, les plus jeunes notamment passent désormais plus de temps sur Youtube qu’à regarder la télévision. D’ailleurs, conscient de ce pouvoir, Youtube s’est engagé à promouvoir la culture française aux côtés de Arte et du CNC. Ces spectateurs sont donc plus enclins à regarder des vidéos plus longues que sur les autres plateformes. Pour preuve, la moyenne de durée des vidéos Youtube sur la page d’accueil est d’environ 14 minutes. Elle se compose en revanche de vidéos aux durées très disparates allant de 1 minute à 2 heures.

Aussi, pour bien communiquer en vidéo, il convient d’exploiter toutes les possibilités de Youtube dans un premier temps, puis des autres réseaux sociaux. Pour cause, Youtube est le noyau de la stratégie video-marketing. Il permet notamment de structurer la production des vidéos, en les déclinant en “playlist” ou en séries. De quoi répondre aux nouveaux usages et attentes des consommateurs. Par ailleurs, la plateforme permet de stocker la totalité des vidéos produits, y compris dans des formats longs. Lesquels peuvent ensuite être déclinés en extraits courts et formats différents pour s’adapter aux autres réseaux sociaux.

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Advertise video on Youtube

Video marketing now represents a vast part of digital communication. In recent years, digital has become so important that online advertising investments have become higher than for television since 2016. In this regard, video advertising occupies a prominent place, especially on Youtube.

For good reason, visibility in organic, that is to say free, is particularly complicated to obtain. In particular, it requires an active community and a sustained frequency of publication. Thus, to be seen, and therefore take advantage of the productions made, companies need to use the advertising systems of the platforms.

On Youtube, the algorithms are particularly powerful. Especially because the platform has been owned by Google since 2006. It is therefore based on the power of a complete ecosystem tool, rich in inconceivable user knowledge. Thus, Youtube, just like Google, are able to launch video campaigns with extremely precise targeting. Locally or on a large scale. It is therefore possible to broadcast its video advertising to an audience according to its interests, its geographical area, its habits, its purchase forecasts… All at the right time.

Similarly, the formats adapt to the different possible objectives. Increase brand awareness, increase the number of subscribers to the channel, boost traffic on the site, trigger the sale of a product…


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