Youth and employment: 1jeune1solution mobilizes

Young people rely on the 1jeune1solution platform to get a job. Launched in November 2020, it promotes, among other things, the link with companies. An initiative by Elisabeth BORNE, Minister of Labour, Employment and Insertion, and Thibaut GUILLUY, High Commissioner for Employment and Business Engagement. As the epidemic evolves, the number of job seekers continues to grow, especially among young people. A solution that responds to an urgent need,also at the service of companies. Companies that sometimes struggle to recruit, or that are experiencing a surge in their business.

Encouraging the hiring of young people, a winning bet in times of pandemic

The creation of the 1jeune1solution platform has several objectives. First of all, of course, make it easier for young people to find a job. But also access to training, support,the opportunity to participate in events around employment… And even to engage in a mission of civic service. Offers in the age of time, all the more so in this special time.

However, this platform is not just for young people. It also allows companies to submit bids for vacancies. But it also offers recruitment advice, and valuable coaching time. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people looking for work is increasing. This is due to the closure of companies particularly affected by the impact of the virus on the activity of their sector.

For the time being, the platform is deploying, and is doing everything possible to support as many young people as possible in getting a job. Thus, she embarks on an extensive communication campaign with a goal: to get people talking about herself, and to attract young people. This makes it possible to offer more offers to young people.

As a result, the platform lists more than 60,000 job offers from Employment Hub partners. Civic service missions are also increasing: young people have more than 8,000 missions to fill online. The platform is also aimed at young people who are no longer in the school system, with the support of AFPA’s 16-18 system.

For their part, the companies are also accompanied by 1jeune1solution. Indeed, when filing their ad online, they are recalled within 72 hours directly by The Employment Centre. A win-win solution, then, at a time when solidarity is essential.

Young woman interview hiring recruitment
For young people, the platform is a springboard for employment.

Youth employment, demand on the rise at the beginning of the year

For young people, the opportunity to easily access job opportunities in their region is a valuable help. Indeed, in a period alternating confinement, curfew, and strict sanitary measures, difficult to obtain a physical maintenance. Not all companies are looking to recruit, some of which have a sharp decline in activity. With the support of the platform, young people find companies looking for employees.

So finding a real job offer is much simpler and faster. Something that young people have understood well, and are making the most of. The figures collected by 1jeune1solution are clear, and perfectly reveal the need for young people to work in search of work.

As of January 20, 2021, the platform had more than 570,000 unique visitors, up from 360,000 on December 3, 2020. In a similar vein, a record of 1.3 million job searches, up from 817,000 in December. There are also more applications for the offers to be filled: 100,000 as of January 20, 2021, compared to 51,000 at December 3.

Another interesting phenomenon is the rise in the events on offer. With the pandemic, the number of events dropped drastically at first. It is impossible to maintain large trade shows or conferences in the present. But the professionals and organizers have adapted, offering digital events. A way to continue sharing, without taking any health risks. What is felt on the platform: 2,600 events recorded in France as of January 20.

Faced with the growing popularity of 1jeune1solution, companies are also registering more widely. As a result, 1,100 companies are on the networkand are available for recruitment. Companies that want to engage with the young people they meet. Indeed, following the applications submitted on the ads, the companies declare 90,000 hiring intentions.

Mobilization for jobs, necessary support

Young job garage tools
The 1jeune1solution platform offers job opportunities in all sectors of activity.

Recruiting a young person has many advantages for a business. New ideas to develop concepts and services, an energy at the service of the brand… But also proof that the company continues to attract employees. It also helps to offset the turnover we see in some more physical or difficult areas of activity.

For young people applying for employment, there are also other aids to avoid precariousness,proposed by the Government. Aids such as the Active Solidarity Income, or the Return to Employment Assistance Allowance. Aid, on the other hand, only applies under certain conditions. There are others, such as the Activity Premium,or theIntensive Youth Support. These are all measures that support the young people, employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


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