“Wine will rock you”

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Between wine and digital, innovations are multiplying, and tend to be similar. There was an extra rhythmic ingredient, the music, missing to shake it all up. This is the idea of “Musical Wines”, which proposes to rediscover wine to the sound of the big names of rock.

Worn by Stéphane Truchot, a lifelong rock lover, and Philippe Carretero, winemaker owner of Château Rioublanc, Musical Wines are putting wine in a tube. Legends of metal, Pop/rock,reggae, 70s and electro are gradually adding to the range.

Beyond marketing, the choice of wine is also a bias: organic, local vintages, throughout France, a way of linking offbeat consumption and respect for the territory.

And to prolong the fun, go to the Iboat in Bordeaux on April 6th for a “blind test metal 80s aperitif. What brings out his vinyls of Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Saxon, Mtley Cree, Maiden…

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