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BORDEAUX Business was present at the inauguration of W’in, a high-end coworking space. Located at 30 Tourny’s alleys, in the heart of Bordeaux, W’in offers 118 workstations and 11 offices to share. In addition, there are 3 dining and relaxation areas. Indeed, the place is well decorated: warm colors, designer furniture and a rather pleasant view of the city centre of Bordeaux… That’s kind of the setting for this coworking space.

Inauguration Win Bordeaux Business

High-end space for a design workspace

The premises, very well located, offer a high-end workspace to compete with other coworking spaces in Bordeaux, which are constantly multiplying. It is necessary to attract, of course, but also to retain! We will count 20 euros per day for a nomadic space, with packs of 80 for 5 days and 150 for 10 days. If you want to take advantage of the coworking space, plan 290 euros per post per month, for an office to share it’s 380 euros per month.

Like other coworking spaces, W’in also offers services for people who subscribe to a service. These services range from the simple right of access to catering to a support and training service.

Local Coworking win Bordeaux Business

Thus, the investor of the project, Clarence Grosdidier, is a Bordeaux man who took the opportunity to transform the place to propose a rather surprising offer to this place. Place Tourny is a rather chic place within the metropolis of Girona, and opening up a high-end coworking space is rather risky. Indeed, this workspace is intended for start-ups and start-ups who do not necessarily have the means to find an empty space in the heart of the city with all the facilities necessary for the evolution of their company. With the local W’in, the high-end is accessible to all, with flexibility.

Grand Bureau Win Bordeaux Business

An ambitious project for modern nomadic workers

Some would argue that opening (yet) coworking offices in Bordeaux is an ambitious or unreasonable project in view of the potential saturation of the market. However, Bordeaux’s attractiveness continues to generate “nomadic workers”; sedentary living has a cost that is not desirable to bear. The use of coworking spaces allows them to access all the services of a company office (internet, machines, etc.).

Win Bordeaux Business Bridge

Overall, work habits are changing. Moreover, aren’t these nomadic workers associated here in Gironde with the LGV the precursors to a certain standardization of telework? Also, focusing on coworking spaces, an economic opportunity, is perhaps a growing social trend. Today, telework is a reality (that) for 17% of French people, but 61% of employees aspire to it.

Inauguration salon Win Bordeaux Business


30, Tourny Lanes


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Inauguration Coworking W'in Bordeaux Business
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