Website, the return of digitalization

Creating your website allows you to position yourself on the market as a brand, as a company. A passage now essential and obligatory for professionals who wish to relaunch their activity after the pandemic. As companies resume their pace of work, it is essential to continue to attract customers to its brand. Despite the first lockdown, some players have not yet crossed the threshold of digitalization, betting above all on local communication. Others, on the contrary, have crossed this milestone during the lockdowns, but aim to evolve their website to better position themselves. The month of September marks the ideal time to recover, especially after the summer months when activity can slow down depending on the sector of activity.

The website, the company’s online window

The website allows a company to advance its reputation and visibility in its market. If some have taken the fold of having their site online, showcase or e-commerce,others have not yet launched their digitalization. The start of the September school year is then the ideal time to turn to the creation of your website… Or towards the improvement of an already existing website.

The website represents a strategic lever of a company. A lever that allows it to distinguish itself from its competitors, but also to sell its products and services beyond its local perimeter. This digital transition makes it possible to embark on today’s commerce, adapted to the new needs and expectations of consumers. For a company, this represents an investment of time and money, especially since to create its website… Having skills and knowledge is essential for the digital transition to serve a purpose.

With the pandemic, many businesses have been impacted by closures and restrictions. For these companies, the need to continue to exist goes through Digital.

Also, companies do not hesitate to call on agencies or specialized companies for the creation of their website. For these companies, the goal is to have a functional website quickly to start promoting it to customers.

The month of September marks the start of the school year, the return to school or work, but also the period of evolution of companies. A period marked in particular by new strategies, to achieve new objectives. For businesses, it’s time for recovery. We must therefore move towards the future, a digitalized future.

Company visibility website
Companies gain visibility with a website.

Digitizing your activity, a must

For any company, launching its website marks a turning point in the business. This shows a willingness to reinvent itself, to continue to refine its strategy and to embark on a new part of the market. Reaching more customers through digital is an integral part of a company’s transformation, but achieving it takes time, effort and a whole new strategy to put in place.

Also, even if some companies try to create their own website, it takes time and skills. This precious time normally dedicated to the resumption of activity, work with employees. It is for this reason that companies use specialized agencies or firms to create their website. An effective solution, which allows you to focus on your strategy and your activity… To have a functional site, turnkey.

September is the month when companies create the most websites, or improve their existing structure to evolve their services and communication. The month of the start of the school year has 35% of website creation, and 25% of renovation. The months of September and October are also decisive for the launch of the season for companies. The summer marks a decline in activity in certain sectors, which subsequently regain momentum in terms of demand.

Taking care of your brand image, and taking care of your communication to attract a new clientele requires time and financial investment. The strategy also counts for a lot, and allows to position oneself in an efficient operation over time.


When is the best time to create or renovate your website? During the holidays, before the start of the school year or after? Simplébo press release sent on August 24

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