The automotive market is electrifying at full speed

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With the COVID-19 crisis, the automotive market is not in good shape. In 2021, there were sales of 1.66 million vehicles in France, essentially identical to the 2020 results. Yet, despite this slowdown, the electric is accelerating. However, with the war in Ukraine, which began in February 2022, the shortage of certain materials is driving down sales of new vehicles. In the first quarter of 2022, the France recorded only 147,079 registrations of new electric and hybrid vehicles. Far from the expectations expressed by professionals in the sector.

Government facilitates access to electricity

In order to encourage consumers to switch to cleaner mobility , the government is also setting up financial aid for the purchase of electric vehicles. Thus, for the purchase of an electric or plug-in hybrid car or van, it is possible to obtain an ecological bonus under certain conditions. To be able to benefit from the ecological bonus you must be of legal age and domiciled in France. Then, the vehicle must meet certain criteria. The vehicle must have a maximum CO2 emission rate of 20g/km. The vehicle must be purchased or leased under a contract of at least 2 years. It must also be new and registered in France. It must not be sold within one year of its purchase or lease. The sale is also impossible if the vehicle has not traveled at least 6000 km. Finally, the request for assistance must be made within 6 months of the purchase or the first rent.

The bonus is based on a percentage of the purchase price of the vehicle. For example, for a vehicle under 45,000 euros, the bonus is 17% on the cost of the vehicle. On the other hand, it remains capped at 5,000 euros. Always with the aim of valuing the purchase of electric vehicles, there is also the conversion premium. Thus it is possible to scrap your old vehicle to benefit from an additional premium.

Electric is gaining popularity

Faced with the rise of electric vehicles for mobility, manufacturers are seeing the share of electric and hybrid vehicles sold increase. Less polluting, quieter, and more economical in the long term… The automotive market is changing. This revival comes at the heart of a particular situation, marked by the war in Ukraine. A war that impacts the France with the rise in the prices of gasoline and diesel at the pumps. Indeed, for a few days, the price per liter exceeded 2 € in all service stations.
This situation then marks a turning point for motorists, who do not wish to pay a high price for their full tank of gasoline. This event, in addition to ecological concerns, marks the desire to turn to cleaner cars… And therefore electric. Among the best-selling electric cars in France in Q1 2022? The Tesla model 3 (6636 copies sold), the Dacia Spring (4953 copies sold) and the Peugeot e208 (3808 copies sold).

The automotive market continues to change

Indeed, electric vehicles already account for more than 10% of the market share; 15% for hybrid vehicles.

An encouraging figure when, impacted by COVID-19, entry into service represents 1.6 million vehicles in 2020, a decrease of 25% compared to the previous year (1). The second-hand market, meanwhile, is not weakening.

An opportunity that market players have been able to seize, like Autopuzz. The company specializes in the repair and sale of new and used vehicles. After acquiring the entire Bolloré fleet of self-service vehicles, it is now developing a tailor-made after-sales service offer.

Our ambition is to get closer to these targets, which are committed to the State as part of the Green Plan and the Paris Agreements. Their fleets of vehicles represent for them a very energy-intensive part. We intend to structure ourselves more to set up a support that would be dedicated to them and meet their expectations in the most optimal way.

Quentin Mezerette, Development Director of Autopuzz
It is easier to get your hands on the electric pump than on the pocket.

Acceleration at the heart of marketing campaigns

If the automotive market is electrifying at full speed, other players are surfing on automotive performance, such as Gopuff, which has just signed a partnership with McLaren. With 70% of the market share in the United States, Gopuff arrives in France. The challenger of delivery in less than 15 minutes (or quick-commerce) wants to propel its brand to the front of the stage.

McLaren is an iconic brand that offers premium experiences, just like Gopuff . Just like this prestigious racing team that is known for its speed, we are known for delivering quickly, efficiently and reliably to our customers.

Daniel Folkman, Senior Vice President of Commercial Affairs at Gopuff

Speed and ecology at the heart of the automobile

A sign that the automotive market is ready to highlight new values, respect for the environment with electric, and speed, in a world of instantaneity….

Beyond the sporting aspect, McLaren Racing, founded by the racing driver in 1963, advocates respect for the environment. The F1 team was the first team to be certified carbon neutral ten years ago.

It has also made a commitment to the United Nations to work towards climate action. The UN “Race to Zero” also promotes the empowerment of everyone in the world of sport towards the liter against climate change.


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