“Live my life as an entrepreneur”, the support program

“Live my life as an entrepreneur” is a program designed and implemented by Initiative France. It aims to reassure future entrepreneurs by introducing them to the world of entrepreneurship for a day. Indeed, they spend a day alongside an entrepreneur already installed and accompanied by Initiative France. This program allows future entrepreneurs to be reassured about the life of entrepreneurship, especially with the help of Initiative France. It also allows them toexpand their professional network, which can be very useful when starting up their activity.

Thus, entrepreneurship is an important process in the French economy. Indeed, after the Covid-19 health crisis,entrepreneurship seems to be a lever for recovery. Nevertheless, the creation of one’s own business is not a decision to be taken lightly because it requires both financial and personal investment. This is why the regions are mobilizing in favour of entrepreneurship in particular.

“Live my life as an entrepreneur”, a program to discover the world of entrepreneurship

“Live my life as an entrepreneur” is a program at the initiative ofInitiative France. The latter is an associative financing network for business starters. Since its creation, Initiative France has continued to grow and evolve. Thus, the network was made up of 214 associations in 2019 and supports more than 18,164 business projects. Initiative France thus offers an honorary loan to business creators or buyers as well as support throughout the creation or takeover process.

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“Live my life as an entrepreneur” allows future entrepreneurs to no longer fear entrepreneurship.

It is thus with this development perspective that Initiative France has announced the launch of its brand new program for women entrepreneurs. Indeed, entrepreneurship is a big step and represents many doubts and fears. Apart from financial investment that can be a hindrance, there is also theapprehension of success. That is why the programme “Live my life as an entrepreneur” was set up. Indeed, it allows future entrepreneurs to discover the reality of life as an entrepreneur by spending a day with an already established entrepreneur. This allows them to be immersed in the reality of the profession, to learn more about this daily life and to develop its professional network. “Live my life as an entrepreneur” was designed in 2019 and already experimented in the Grand Est region. The next step is the national roll-out.

This program therefore complements the offer of Initiative France based on financing and support. The volunteers of the network are thus mobilized to accompany and support the strategic axes allowing the success of the professional project and the company. To do this, they assess the funding needs to determine the appropriate funding at the outset of the activity. The honorary loan granted allows the future entrepreneur to launch her activity with little or no personal contribution. Then, expert advice punctuates the creation of the activity and can even lead to sponsorship by a volunteer business manager of Initiative France.

Entrepreneurship in the regions, the solution to revive activity

Entrepreneurship in the regions is a boon for future entrepreneurs. Indeed, the regions are putting in place mechanisms to encourage the creation of businesses on their territory and thus become a more competitive territory.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is one of the most accompanying regions in France. Indeed, many devices are available to help entrepreneurs get started. Nevertheless, getting started is not enough, which is why the region accompanies them in the long term. Thus, it helps new companies but also business takeovers to develop and endure over time.

It has thus launched its new device “Entreprendre, la Région à vos côtés”. Nouvelle-Aquitaine thus offers a whole range of services for smallbusinesses, in order to support them throughout the life of the company. The region has thus joined forces with expert partners in supporting the creation or takeover of a business. The offer is therefore structured around a support offer and direct financial aid. This therefore concerns anyone with a business creation or takeover project within the region. The site therefore allows future entrepreneurs to find an advisor near him, to participate in collective information meetings and to access free ofcharge toolboxes to obtain keys for the creation and resumption of an activity. A process that allows youto move forward at your own pace and to make your projects succeed by being surrounded.


The Initiative France network launches the program “Live my life as an entrepreneur”,Initiative France, press release of July 6, 2021

A path of support and financing for your business project!, Entreprendre, the region at your side

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