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Urbassist, an online declaration tool to facilitate the implementation of work projects. The French start-up offers automated solutions for the drafting of work declaration files. Thus, for those who wish for example to install a swimming pool, build a garden hut, or make façade modifications, the implementation of the preliminary file is no longer a headache. Indeed, urbassist’s objective is to simplify urban planning procedures.

For this, the start-up has developed an innovative online tool that allows in record time to obtain all the information to carry out its declaration or building permit. Beyond saving time, it is also a saving of money since the tool allows you not to go through an architect to draw up a plan. A winning recipe for the start-up since it has just confirmed its first fundraising of € 600,000 after a successful partnership with Leroy Merlin. A fundraising that will allow it to ensure its growth in a sustainable way.

Declaring its work a legal obligation

Making arrangements on his land or house is subject to rules. When you start working, you have to think about all the documents to be drawn up in order to be in order. Beyond providing for the smooth running of the work, we must first of all start by being in good standing. This is often what can discourage more than one. The administrative procedures are too complex for some or too long for others.

It is on the basis of this observation that Urbassist decided to develop its solutions. Considering administrative procedures as a constraint sometimes leads to undeclared and therefore illegal work. In particular, it should be noted that non-declaration is accompanied by financial and legal sanctions. Someone who does not declare his work risks a fine that is fixed per square meter of area. In particular, it can range from EUR 1200 to EUR 6000. It must be understood that the declaration of work makes it possible to control and guarantee a healthy living environment while respecting the good living together. The purpose of the declaration is to ensure that the planned work will not harm the community. Subject to urban planning rules, it will also ensure the preservation of the environment and heritage while guaranteeing the logic of territorial development. Urbassist’s solution contributes to this.

To declare your work, you must first contact your municipality and more particularly the urban planning department. It is possible to apply for a work permit or simply to ask for the information necessary to develop a file. Depending on the municipalities and the area of a plot of land, the rules will not necessarily be the same. Indeed, whether you are in the city center of Bordeaux or on the outskirts, the rules of urban planning differ. It should also be noted that there are different authorizations depending on the scope of the work.

The prior declaration of works concerns small-scale works not subject to a building permit. The file includes the maps and plans of the work as well as a cerfa form to be completed. For larger-scale works, a building permit is required. Like the prior declaration, this process includes a Cerfa form to fill out, as well as plans. It must also fill in cadastral references, surfaces or dimensions. It may also give rise to the preparation of a planning certificate. This complex document sets out the urban planning rules applicable to a sector. If each document is intended to regulate buildings, it is often complex to navigate. The Urbassist solution therefore comes into play. It allows in a few clicks to obtain all the necessary information. Putting together a file to carry out work seems like a breeze.


The declaration of work is a mandatory and often complex process

Urbassist, a start-up that has a bright future ahead of it

The start-up Urbassist is the perfect mix between the world of urban planning and that of innovation. Indeed, the two founders have their own appetites. Guillaume Tuffery is a surveyor engineer and Sébastien is a developer. Both are passionate. Thus, the project was obvious, and the first assistant to the realization of a work declaration file was born in 2018. Now the start-up based in an incubator in Nîmes has 7 employees. The proposed solution is unprecedented. This allowed him to collaborate with the Leroy Merlin brand. The start-up continues its development and growth step by step.

She proudly announces her first fundraising of 600,000 euros. This fundraising brings Urbassist’s hopes to the highest in an economic context that is difficult to predict. Indeed, the road has not been without its pitfalls. The start-up began its process during the health crisis. The context has led to great uncertainty among investors. For lack of visibility in the long term some have withdrawn and paradoxically others have affirmed their confidence. Business Angels from Grandes Ecoles as well as business angels associations such as Angelor, Femme BA and Métiers BA participated in the fundraising. Thus, for Urbassist, this funding supports the coherence of the solution and allows us to look further afield. The start-up wants to shake up the codes of regional planning.

It can now consider new projects that will contribute directly to its growth. The €600,000 will make it possible to continue the R&D approach and also to develop the workforce to position Urbassist as a leader. Thus, the revolution in spatial planning has only just begun.


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