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UpFeel.io for employee well-being, Interview with Jonathan Ferrebeuf founder of Upfeel.io

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Upfeel.io an actor who contributes to the well-being of employees in a context of health crisis. Indeed, today, the morale of the French and especially of the employees is not in good shape. The various measures put in place to stop the spread of the virus lead many of us into a period of loneliness and a certain evil being. It has been almost a year since our habits changed and the way we work has been completely changed. For some people, psychotic disorders such as stress, anxiety or depressive syndromes take hold. In order to combat these states, solutions are put in place in companies. Upfeel.io is one of the players who contribute to the obligations of average in-company with regard to the health of employees.

How and when was Upfeel.io created?

Upfeel.io,is a platform for the mental well-being of employees. It was created by Jonathan Ferrebeuf. He is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship. In particular, he set up a company in the mobile advertising sector, Adincube. However, in his entrepreneurial adventure he lacked a fundamental thing. It is the link between business, meaning and impact. The latter has always been inspired by mental well-being. In this sense, Jonathan Ferrebeuf wants to have a positive impact on society. In particular, it wants to bring the mental well-being of employees to the centre of companies’ concerns.

I have called on psychologists in my life and I have always found it a useful experience

Jonathan Ferrebeuf, founder of Upfeel.io

But Upfeel.io might never have been born without an event in Jonathan Ferrebeuf’s personal life. Unfortunately, he experienced a family tragedy, a sudden death. Jonathan Ferrebeuf, wanted to make this tragedy a force. Indeed, for him it was time to act and make it clear that companies had a role to play in the mental health of their employees.

The role of the entrepreneur is to combine work and impact, today many people in the world of the company go wrong

Jonathan Ferrebeuf, founder of Upfeel.io

It will be said that with the time we live in, the world of work has changed and this is not about to stop. For some, these changes are difficult and many employees find themselves isolated in telework. In this context, companies seem increasingly mature to democratize the subject of mental health within their structure.

Mental health is often stigmatized. People think that going to a psychologist is crazy

Jonathan Ferrebeuf, founder of Upfeel.io

Thus, Jonathan Ferrebeuf wants to make mental health a normal and accessible dimension. People should no longer have to have barriers to seeing a psychologist in the company. While the issue of mental health is one of their obligations, solutions must be found to de-dramatize the issue. Employees should not be afraid to consult a psychologist. This is where the interest of the platform was born.

upfeel.io company's work
The well-being of employees is an issue for companies

How does Upfeel.io work for companies and employees? Is the solution for all types of companies, whether they are telework or present?

The aim of the platform is to reach out to everyone. With Upfeel.io,there are no left behind. So all companies are concerned regardless of whether they are teleworking or not. Moreover, the latter are already all concerned with health, which is a legal constraint.

The company must ensure the good health of its employees it is a legal obligation

Jonathan Ferrebeuf, founder of Upfeel.io

In this sense, the solution is accessible. For Jonathan Ferrebeuf, it’s time to break with the austere image of the corporate psychologist. When a person is troubled, he should not feel stigmatized. She must have the opportunity to talk about it freely and without problems.

So concretely Upfeel.io wants to be easy to use and allows to ensure a confidentiality of exchanges between collaborators and psychologists. To use the solution, employees must create an account with their personal email address. They must also inform their business as well as their professional email. This information is intended to link the employee to his company since it is the latter who finances the solution. By following, the employee has access to all the practitioners offered. In particular, they are divided into three categories of certified professionals.

At Upfeel.io, we accompany employees with competent and serious professionals in order to have the best possible approach.

Jonathan Ferrebeuf, founder of Upfeel.io

Thus, the employee has the choice between a psychologist, a certified and experienced coach in business from a coaching training center or a nutritionist/dietitian. They may have access to practitioners in a practice or telework depending on preferences. The aim of the platform is also to empower employees to make appointments. They can choose a professional profile from around thirty profiles. depending on a specific problem, whether it is bereavement, heart pain or problems at work. Depending on his need, he chooses his schedule to consult and this in complete confidentiality.

The company does not know who the users of the platform are or the content of the exchanges. It is independent of companies

Jonathan Ferrebeuf, founder of Upfeel.io

A consultation is equivalent to 1 credit. Once the employee has consumed all his credits there are two solutions. He can continue to do sessions but he will have to pay for his consultation or he has to wait for the company to take back credits. Generally companies take a minimum of 5 credits per year per employee, but this can quite easily vary.

Was the covid an engine for the platform? What types of companies use the latter? How many are there?

Launched only a few days ago, the Upfeel.io platform already has interesting customers. These include Ubisoft, which is involved in the development, publishing and distribution of video games. In addition, a dozen companies in tech complete the portfolio. These are mainly young companies with a population of employees under the age of 30. According to an Opinion Way study, 70% of under-29s are in psychological distress. In the immediate future, if theUpfeel.io solution is mainly adopted by new companies, Jonathan Ferrebeuf hopes to reach more traditional companies.

What we think is that adoption is done by new companies but by capillarity it will develop in traditional companies

Jonathan Ferrebeuf, founder of Upfeel.io

Thus, Upfeel.io proposes a solution that meets the current needs of companies. For employees this is a great opportunity since the solution is taken care of 100% by companies. While the average price of a session with the psychologist is 70 euros, the Upfeel.io service allows to provide support to those who need it. Moreover, for companies we must never lose sight of the fact that an employee who feels well is an employee who is more productive in his work.


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