Truffaut, new franchises designed for customer satisfaction

Despite the crisis, Truffaut continued its expansion throughout the national territory. Specialist in the sale of products for the home, garden, and for animals, the company has developed a solid network of franchises. This network now has 66 garden centers throughout France, with more than 2800 employees working for the brand. In total, the group achieves a turnover of 600 million euros, and continues to dream of development. A dream that comes true, with the opening of two new franchises, in Paris.

Truffaut gets closer to its urban customers

Truffaut brands can be seen from afar. And for good reason, the points of sale have a significant surface to sell all the products to customers. This means that for the majority of them, being located in the heart of metropolises is impossible. These franchises are therefore located in commercial areas, on the outskirts. However, urban customers, who live in the heart of cities such as Paris, or Bordeaux, would like to have access to these brands without leaving the city.

The Management of Truffaut then thought of a solution to reconcile this demand to be located in the heart of cities, without reducing its surfaces. To begin to meet this demand, the group chose the capital, with the objective of opening two new stores. Also, in the spring, a new franchise will open its doors in the Batignolles district, as well as a second, in the Montparnasse district.

These two districts, which are located in the center of Paris, do not have enough space to build a gigantic sales area. Truffaut therefore took the challenge in the opposite direction, looking for an existing space in which to settle. Rehabilitation, optimization of space… Everything is done not to distort the landscape, and to meet customer requests.

Plants interior decoration
Truffaut offers new sales areas.

A plant offer as varied as on the outskirts of cities

Truffaut’s challenge in setting up in such a place is to offer the same products as in other franchises. Indeed, each franchisee must have the same offer as the others to meet all needs. The problem of space then went hand in hand with the offer proposed on site.

Also, the surface of the future sign of the Batignolles district reaches 2500 m², and is located in a building of two levels. This saves floor space, while ultimately having an interesting surface. As for the new franchise located in the Montparnasse district, it will take place at the heart of the renovation of the Ateliers Gaité shopping center. Truffaut will therefore occupy an entire floor, as well as part of the ground floor, which will be dedicated to outdoor plants.

In addition to this, Truffaut wants to set up an urban garden in the immediate vicinity of the Montparnasse train station. A way to also be part of the greening of the city; and, why not, develop and apply the same concept in other French metropolises in the years to come?


Truffaut will open 2 new Parisian stores in 2022. Press release published in January 2022

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