Well-being, a new business accelerator

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While the fashion for aesthetic physics and muscles has always been present, moral and inner well-being has been developing for less time. Yoga, meditation, healthy cooking, we cultivate the healthy mind in a healthy body as Juvénal said and it pleases. Some companies have understood this, and while developing new markets, they allow them to do good around them.

Sport as a driver of well-being

Endorphin is the hormone of happiness that is secreted by our brain when we practice sports activity. Scientifically proven, playing sports is to be happy! Sport is also a very important concept for health. This is one of the first recommendations made to a person with diabetes to keep them in shape. According to INSEE in 2019, the French have spent more than 14,000 euros on sports activities. According to INSEE in 2018, the sport most practiced by the French at 40% is walking. Because of its ease of practice but also its low impact on the joints. In second place at 22% is the fitness activities.

Since 2015, a new form of physical practice has become increasingly popular, yoga. Often associated with meditation and therefore well-being, it is not yet considered a sport in its own right in the collective consciousness. And yet, it is described as physical by its practitioners but also soothing by the interest and listening that must be carried. Today, there are more than 15 different types of yoga. Each kind has its own specificity. Kundalini yoga, for example, is used to align one’s energies and develop one’s well-being.

The goal is therefore peace with oneself and well-being.

Well-being, a business that brings projects

As a result, the wellness market has grown enormously and is projected. Like the Parisian start-up OlyBe, which has just launched a fundraising campaign. With its image and diversity of proposal, it emerged victorious with a harvest of 1.5 million euros in July 2020. If the company so easily convinces investors it is thanks to its innovative positioning due to containment. She advocates the practice of yoga and its accessibility for all during these three months of confinement. With only one studio in France, it launched its online courses on 16 March and met with immediate success. This fundraiser will allow us to continue in this vein and to propose 100% digitalised formulas.

Made in Bordeaux, Kyango is an application dedicated to sports practice. It allows you to rent and rent sports equipment between individuals. Created in 2018 by two INSEEC alumni, it democratizes the practice of certain sports activities that require very special equipment and sometimes very expensive. Just like horse riding or surfing.

In addition to simple sports, new concepts dedicated to well-being are being developed such as the Satnam Club. A 400m2 space in the heart of Bordeaux. It is dedicated to meditation and well-being. From the meditation session to the shared meal, everything is done to create a soothing atmosphere.

Well-being, the state of mind that wants you well

Whether it is a very physical sport or a concept that develops around well-being, it is certain that the latter is a business accelerator. Carrier of projects that are both a way to develop an economic activity but also a beautiful way to spread happiness around oneself.

Well-being therefore does not stop at the physical but will seek deep in the soul.


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