LE TacCIS, a programme for British defence

The TacCIS is a tactical communication program and information systems on the terrestrial environment. Aimed at the UK Ministry of Defence, it is provided by a partnership between Airbus, Thalès UK and Fujitsu. In particular, these three groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on the future Systems Integrator (SI). Their expertise in communication, information transmission and defence adds a real plus to British defence.

LE TacCIS, a major project for the UK

THE TacCIS stands for Land Environment Tactical Communication and Information Systems. To work on this major project, Airbus, Fujitsu and Thalès UK are teaming up and forming the ICELUS team, led by Airbus. IceLUS works in collaboration with a trusted collective of strategic partners from the UK Ministry of Defence. These partners have a strong expertise in defence communication networks, useful for the LE TacCIS project.

With this project, ICELUS is making a new change thanks to the system integration approach that aims to be consistent. It provides operational efficiency as well as a real information advantage to the end user. At the same time, it supports an industrial defence base centred on the United Kingdom.

Uk flag country
The TacCSI is on behalf of the United Kingdom.

Thus, ICELUS is focusing on the next opportunity for LE TacCIS System Integrator to lead the design and integration of products and services for applications, infrastructure and networks. This important project is expected to be undertaken by 2023/2024.

The LE TacCIS project consists of several sub-programs and projects to provide the next generation of tactical military communications…. Especially in the terrestrial environment with the opportunity to make an informed and timely decision with information and communication systems that are intended to be agile.

THE TacCIS is a resilient program that operates continuously and safely within a crowded and contested combat cyberspace. It can adapt to all situations in a very short time, with services, an essential command and control capability.

A program for information sharing

Unlike a single-source primary supplier model of the current system… The TacCIS features elements of the program that are competing with the industry. Industry that will be invited to offer agility, but also an increased capacity and value for money of this system.

The TacCIS consists of several sub-programs that allow it to function. Among them, the program Morpheus. It is a program that provides a next-generation tactical communication system to the British armed forces.

Originally called bowman, the program was called Bowman, but as of 2016, Morpheus’s arrival was coming. It thus allows to address the critical obsolescence of the systems, thus bringing a solution to TacCIS more agile … This is both technically and commercially.

Morpheus will thus connect deployed forces to their commanders. It also allows access to operational COMPUTER systems to simplify the user experience. It works with open systems, allowing new technologies to be quickly integrated into its operation. This includes radios, but also applications to combat emerging threats. The goal is to improve interoperability with allies.

Military Army aircraft soldiers
The information system will enable commanders to communicate with them.

The defence programmes of different countries are developing. Innovations are at the heart of the challenges for armies, a symbol of power. It makes sense to use large groups such as Airbus,Thales or Fujitsu for the LE TacCIS programme. Airbus is involved in many areas, including defence, aeronautics and space.

Across Europe, Airbus is making its place. The leader in aeronautics is thus a regular player in major technological development projects. The group is even involved in large-scale space projects, such as on Mars with the system on board Perseverance. The latter is the now famous Rover that is located on Mars.


Airbus, Fujitsu and Thales in the UK are teaming up for the UK Army’s future tactical communications programme. Airbus press release issued on March 9, 2021

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