French SMEs and digital, where are we?

Today’s France has nearly 3 million small structures, not all of which are involved in digital transformation. At the last Entrepreneurs’ Fair held in Paris on 1 and 2 February, this digital transformation was at the heart of discussions and issues, following an unequivocal report by Deloitte on behalf of Facebook Ireland Limited: the transformation of SMALL And medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is very slow.

A rather timid digital transformation

Thus, the search for solutions on the part of these companies to fill this gap was an opportunity for social networks to prove themselves, like the inevitable Facebook, but also Instagram or Messenger, channel rather focused on the relationship to the customer (due to the instantaneous exchanges). Today, the Facebook network is widely used by companies that have made or started their digital transformation: 1 million of them already have a company page, which serves as a communication relay for all their customers. Today, the digital transition is a real springboard for growth, generating more opportunities, in order to cover a larger territory than with traditional communication, and thus to be more competitive.

The social network with 1.86 billion daily active users is teaming up with Deloitte to present its solutions to all companies wanting to take the digital turn, knowing that the issue of digital transformation arises every day, a question that arises more for companies with national influence. For all international companies, especially exporting, the transition is more natural.

It should also be noted that two out of three companies in France do not have a website. A figure that seems, in the age of ultra-connected, very low in terms of business issues related to digital identity.

A lack of digital support with consequences…

Businesses are poorly guided: where there are delays for smaller companies at the beginning of their existence, especially in terms of integrating digital into their business, there is also a disparity among large companies, in terms of the functionality they offer via digital. The digital and digital means used by companies for their development are different, and therefore cause disparities in the growth of their business.

European initiatives in this direction, such as the digital transformation cheque, seem to have been “dried up”, the time for welcome beneficial reorganizations; the government is considering launching a funding plan to help businesses that want to go digital to get started.

In an open, European and even international market on the Bordeaux scene. There is, however, an urgent need for companies, not to be aware, but to take action… Where digital technology, a few years ago, was a business engine, a lever of differentiation in the eyes of competition, digital is now emerging as a first step, a first step in building a success… and the sine qua none condition of a sustainability of the activity.


Audrey Kozaczka – Alexandra Zwang
Bordeaux Business

The full Deloitte report

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