Leads, the heart of companies’ business strategy

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In the commercial world, the “lead” is a central notion. It is a prospect, in other words the profile of a potential customer who could be of great interest to the company through its projects, its requests and its needs. A person thus becomes a lead when it becomes interesting to apprehend for the company. It will be sensitive to benefits and therefore attracts the attention of salespeople. Do we still need to know how to challenge them and know how to stand out from the competing companies.

Acquiring leads at the heart of business strategy

The lead acquisition process applies in a situation where a potential customer presents itself or communicates its contact information directly to a company. Salespeople have no action to take upstream to bring the data to them. These leads come, for example, from the company’s website. A page then contains content that will meet some of their needs. The contact can be made via a competition, a form or an email with the salesmen …

No specific research or qualification has been done before by the salesperson when he receives this information. It’s a real time saver for him. His role is then toreport the information, contact the lead and offer him a quote. To take advantage of this kind of opportunity and relieve the work of salespeople,the company must have put in place many automatic actions that allow to bring these leads to thecompany. It is usually up to the marketing department or the communication department of a company to do it.

It is thanks to the digital revolution and the arrival of Google that the acquisition of leads has become relevant and fast for salespeople. It is much easier now, thanks to digital, to create Google Ads and advertise. The Internet contributes greatly to the visibility of a company, a brand.

Towards the qualification of his prospect, the generation of leads

Unlike lead acquisition, lead generation, on the other hand, requires a real investigation and research approach on the part of salespeople.

Leadgeneration is a business strategy used by companies. It consists of looking for information about the profile of a potential customer that corresponds to a category of customers of the company. The search can then be conducted by phone, on the internet, via professional social networks…

As a salesperson, it’s important to also consider a prospect’s maturity. The more “mature” it is, the more its needs can match the services offered by the company. The ability to attract or spot these high-maturity leads maximizes the company’s performance and generates revenue.

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