Internet connection, an absolute necessity for companies

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Today it seems that few people can imagine their life without an internet connection. The world without the internet seems so far away and for younger generations, it has virtually never existed. And if we tend to say that, it was better before, in the good old days, the internet has brought many solutions in everyday life. It has greatly improved and simplified the lives of individuals by offering them the information that has come at their fingertips. In a second step, the internet has also had a huge impact on the work of companies. If previously our elders worked without internet, today the connection has become essential.

As an internet productivity tool allows companies to access many solutions and applications. In addition, following the COVID-19 health crisis, companies have been confronted with a new challenge regarding internet access. Indeed, with the implementation of teleworking, how to ensure a good internet connection for its employees? It must be said that an unstable internet connection can have significant consequences on the activity of employees. In this sense, what solution can be provided to enable continuity of service?

The world of work increasingly dependent on the Internet

In 2016, the United Nations declared that connecting to the Internet is a fundamental right. In this sense, it also condemns all measures aimed at prohibiting or deliberately disrupting access to and dissemination of information online. On the other hand, if the Internet is a means of information and expression, it is also an indispensable productivity tool for the economy. Indeed, to date, almost all sectors rely on the Internet. Whether in the public or private sectors, services are now online.

The activity of companies is therefore based on the internet connection. Thanks to this connection, they can have access to all the tools they need. In particular, they can access their email, data in the information system, company chat or videoconferencing. Thus, it will be said that the link to the internet is an absolute necessity for the activity. For companies, the challenge is therefore to maintain a reliable connection.

In addition, the COVID-19 crisis has strengthened the reflection around this subject. With the spread of teleworking, employees have been forced to work from home. In addition, remotely, the internet has become even more essential to maintain communication between employees. It has become more difficult to manage internet access for all employees in their homes. However, just as in the workplace, the reliability and availability of the internet connection must remain the same.

In this context, with most employees working from home or on short-time working, the connection has therefore seemed more fragile. Indeed, following more connections the network has experienced risks of saturation. Internet service providers have even limited the use of Netflix and Youtube to favor professional uses. However, this proves that at the moment the internet is not untouchable. Thus, companies must find backup solutions to avoid any cuts.

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Businesses need to make sure they have a constant connection to the internet

Make sure you maintain an internet connection

Thus, faced with the dependence on the Internet in today’s professions, companies are faced with a problem. This is to ensure the continuity of the connection even in the event of an outage. In order not to handicap its activity, the latter must have a backup solution that will allow it direct access in the event of a problem on the main connection. Fortunately, there are solutions to overcome this possibility, which could be detrimental. The goal is therefore to use two different accesses to the Internet. The first connection is made by the link to a fiber or ADSL box and the backup connection can be made with 4G access.

TP-link’s Back-up solution helps to answer this. Indeed, it makes it possible to ensure the maintenance of the activity in case of problem and in all circumstances. The solution for professionals offers an Omada SD Network Multi WAN/VPN Gigabit router. At the same time, it also includes a Modem/Router4G/4G+ Back-up that guarantees access to the internet in the event of an outage. Indeed, in case of interruption of the internet connection, the TP-link solution automatically switches to a 4G connection. Thus, companies can stay connected without action with the automatic toggle in case of a problem. Their internet connection is optimized to allow optimal productivity.

In addition, TP-Link also offers a complete range for teleworking connection. It also includes 4G/4G+ solutions, Meh WiFi systems, WiFi 6 routers and powerline to allow the teleworking employee to better equip himself.


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