Supporting restoration, an indispensable solidarity

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At this difficult time, the restaurant industry needs support more than ever.

The administrative closures, the absence of business tourists or foreign tourists, have indeed hit the sector hard. In this autumn, according to the CCI Bordeaux Gironde, “53% of CHRs believe that wearing the mask has a significant impact on their organisation” (1).

Restoration, at the front, on the front line

As a result of the containment,the administrative closure of the catering establishments has put a stop to their activity. Despite the gradual reopening, the implementation of essential health measures has not helped to revive the activity of all, leading to difficult decisions. This is the case, in particular, for the famous Bordeaux restaurant, La Grande Maison, which closed its doors completely on August 16 (2).

Moreover, the assumption of losses caused, directly or indirectly, by the pandemic, under the guarantees of operating loss, is not a given. However, we can note the order in reference of the Paris Commercial Court, dated May 22, between the Bistrot next door Flaubert and Axa. The court withheld compensation for the restaurateur by the company on a provisional basis. Pending the full expertise of the financial situation of the institution (3).

Solidarity, initiatives, Bordeaux establishments react

Without waiting for potential compensation, to the help of the restaurateurs, initiatives are multiplying, locally. Thus, during the confinement, the creation of the site “I love my bistro” which brings together 538 restaurants and bars in New Aquitaine (4). This site allowed consumers to pre-order their menu until they were deconsced. A way to advance an essential cash flow.

In another recent initiative, Michel REYBIER, owner of the Cos d’Estournel-listed grand cru, announced that he was helping some 65 young French establishments with traditional cuisine or bistronomy, by paying them a portion of the profits related to the 2019 vintage, or 1500 euros per establishment.

“While it is our responsibility to support all the players in the sector, I have made the choice, in consultation with the Cos d’Estournel team, to direct our assistance to the new, recently opened and therefore the most vulnerable establishments” (5).

The selected establishments also put wine in the spotlight at the heart of their menu.

Finally, another vulnerable segment, impacted by containment such as sustainable telecommuting, corporate restaurants. They had to redouble their hygiene efforts to ensure their customers’ lunch break. Indeed, moving from the “hidden” office to a dining area with other employees can be worrying. Among the measures put in place, wearing the mask, disinfecting the tables and a doomed place out of two (6). In addition, there are applications such as i’m Ok (7) to observe the crowds in the corporate restaurant. However, the recovery promises to be more than delicate, in a context where the “second wave” seems to be looming, much higher than the previous one…

Co-written by Inès GAUTHIER


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