Students: LexisNexis mobilizes for the future

Today’s students are tomorrow’s assets. The COVID-19 pandemic creates a period of uncertainty for all. Businesses in many sectors cannot be able to operate normally, and students cannot continue their studies under normal conditions. Distance courses, interrupted or cancelled internships… Studying seems difficult right now. But actors like LexisNexis are mobilizing to accompany students, especially in law. An initiative called “Support our students” which aims to encourage the learning of law.

LexisNexis launches a monitoring tool for law students

LexisNexis is an expert in Legaltech,which offers legal professionals information and analytics solutions. The legal professions play an important role in this pandemic, including supporting companies in need of advice. They are also essential partners in helping businesses when they find themselves in a difficult situation.

For the past year, COVID-19 has had an impact on business activity. Activity slowed down, transformed or even stopped… Or worse, a company that can no longer run… Legal professionals are then privileged interlocutors. But businesses are not the only ones to suffer from the current situation. Indeed, another population is experiencing a delicate period: students.

Universities are closing, forcing teaching teams to adapt totrain education. The use of distance courses using digital tools allows students to continue to pass on knowledge. But for all that, educational comfort is diminishing. Not all students had the best-performing tools, and the curriculum is also being redesigned.

Book law studies learn
The Lexisveille platform allows students to have all the information related to the law.

In addition, in the face of successive confinements, the alternating and apprenticeship contracts are interrupted, because they cannot receive new employees in the establishment. This situation is all the more delicate because the labour market seems particularly saturated. Lots of requests and relatively few offers, especially in the areas of events, culture, catering or tourism. In this environment, the legal sector seems to be doing well,relying in particular on the support of professionals.

Helping students learn with professional tools

Forstudents, the desire to learn and train for their future profession is essential. Since 2020, the format of the courses has changed, as has the conditions for passing exams. It is in particular with this in mind that LexisNexis supports and accompanies law students in their learning. The group has made available a complete online tool. A standby solution that scrutinizes and decrypts legal and tax news in real time. With the constant evolution of the situation, this tool allows to always have the most up-to-date information.

With the deployment of Lexisveille, the standby solution, LexisNexis intends to support future professionals towards success… All the while giving them the taste of the day before. Thus, the group wants to continue to arouse the desire to turn to careers in law. Through access to the platform, he wants to help students graduate before finding a job in the chosen professional environment.

Access to Lexisveille is therefore for law students. The latter remains free until May 31, 2021. The opportunity to enable everyone to develop their knowledge and skills in law through news published online. These news stories are divided into several parts: civil, criminal, business, public and civil justice. Multiple facets of the legal professions, to help find its way.

Lawyer law balances justice
LexisNexis caters to many professions around the law, such as lawyers or notaries.

LexisNexis aims to address many trades in general: notaries,lawyers, accountants, lawyers, bailiffs, teachers… and even to the students. A comprehensive range of solutions, to meet all needs, all the more so at the moment.

LexisNexis, an actor committed against precariousness

Students are the professionals of tomorrow. Potential collaborators who need to be supported. A positioning that LexisNexis wants to follow. Indeed, some students live in a precarious situation, still weakened by the pandemic. Thus, the group’s employees are mobilizing internally to support small solidarity grocery stores for students in financial difficulty. A strong way to show commitment to learning and solidarity. Two essential values right now, for the future of the country.


Operation “Support our students”: LexisNexis opens its vigil in open access to students, Release of February 1, 2021

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