Stripe and Botnation, towards integrated payment to facilitate online transactions

Online payment with applications like Stripe or PayPal make life easier for e-consumers. Indeed, with the development of online shopping, these payment platforms provide a secure framework for both the consumer and the company that sells. Another emerging phenomenon online: chatbots. These artificial intelligences that advise and give information to visitors to a platform day and night.

Stripe, a player committed to transactional security

Online payment allows companies to sell online without their customers going to the store. If some live too far from physical points of sale, others do not have the time or the desire to move. Online shopping has seen a significant boom with the pandemic, to continue to encourage purchases on behalf of these brands.

Despite the fear in terms of security of some customers vis-à-vis the security of online payments… Security procedures are strengthened to ensure the protection of all customers’ data. This reassures them and encourages them to buy by taking into account the needs and expectations of customers.

Stripe is one of the most used payment methods by online sales sites. It makes it possible to transmit the money from online sales to the company’s account, with reduced commissions. This allows companies to lose less money with each transaction.

E-merchants all have one goal: to make as many sales as possible online to ensure a significant turnover. To foster this, they must make every effort to encourage customers to buy. Many techniques exist to promote products and encourage their purchase. Some levers not yet exploited such as the use of alternative sales methods…

Chatbot discussion payment
Customers can now pay for their purchases through the chatbot’s interface.

Botnation, a chatbot that helps with conversion

Chatbots, for example, make it easy for customers looking for accurate information to obtain it. Real person or automated operation, everything is then set up to allow to provide a quick and personalized response for each request. The performance of the chatbot is then much more important than what companies imagine.

A customer who wants to buy a product may have to wonder. Is this product right for me? Does it meet my expectations? Is it the most advantageous given its price? So many elements that will impact his final decision. For the company, the challenge is then to remove all the doubts and obstacles that could encourage the customer to leave.

On the internet, one of the main obstacles concerns the ease of payment and the purchase journey. Thus, if it is too unclear and the steps too numerous, it may slow down the purchase. To avoid cart abandonment, Stripe and Botnation are joining forces to create a payment system integrated into the chatbot. This allows a customer interested in a product to proceed with the payment directly from the chat window. Payment is just as secure as through the traditional payment process.

A novelty that will help facilitate online sales for the most undecided…


Stripe and Botnation integrate native credit card payment into chatbots. Communiqué Botnation of 16 November 2021

Botnation integrate native payment into chatbots – Point Banque

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