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Sport and vision problems are not incompatible, Krys launches children’s glasses suitable for sports activities

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Playing sports when you have vision problems can pose some problems. Indeed, poor vision can be a handicap in sports practice. In addition, some sports do not necessarily allow the wearing of classic corrections such as glasses because of shocks. And yet, the practice of sport is important on a daily basis. Sports practice is on the one hand good for the body but not only. It also turns out to be very good for the mind and construction of individuals. This is one reason why it is practiced from an early age. Therefore, it seems important that children can engage in physical activity that is beneficial to their development. Visual disturbances don’t have to be a problem. Krys has therefore set up glasses for children adapted to sport to allow them to practice their physical activity in complete freedom.

Vision problems a handicap for the practice of sport

It will be said that for the practice of sport, vision problems can be disabling. Indeed when a person is affected by myopia,his vision is blurred from afar. Therefore, the practice of many sports can be difficult for someone who does not have adequate correction. For example, in such situations, the ball or ball cannot be apprehended correctly. This greatly affects the game and the opportunity to get involved in the activity. And in the worst case, it can even lead to risks of injury.

On the other hand, hyperopia that prevents you from seeing up close can also be embarrassing. If it is less so than myopia, it affects the practice of sports that solicit near vision. These can be combat sports or precision sports. In this sense, it seems inconceivable that the practice of sport is discouraged by vision problems. Sight must not stop the progress of athletes. It is therefore necessary to provide solutions to show that vision problems are not incompatible with the practice of sport.

It is important to correct vision problems from an early age to allow the practice of sport and the development of children. The objective is to allow activity and progression in sport while avoiding the risk of accidents. Visual correction also makes it possible to offer comfort in the activity. In addition, the correction also helps to protect athletes. Indeed, now there are corrections with additional protections. For example, glasses can protect from the effects of the sun but also from projections or shocks. For children in full growth and construction these corrections are of major importance. That’s why Krys offers glasses adapted to children’s eyesight to allow them to continue to practice sports safely despite visual disturbances.

Sport vision problems glasses
The pool does not allow you to wear conventional glasses

Allow children to practice an activity despite visual disturbances

In September, the start of the school year also marks the resumption of sports activities for children. This year with the solutions proposed by Krys, the glasses broken during the sport will only be a bad memory. For Krys, it is essential that children are comfortable during sports despite potential vision problems. On the other hand, there is no question of removing your glasses at the risk of making the practice dangerous. However, conventional glasses are not suitable, they slip and do not offer optimal comfort. This is why the company is committed to offering equipment adapted to the sight of children and also to sports practice. The new range appeared in stores on September 15, 2021. These health facilities are accessible and available from 29 euros.

The range of technical glasses offered allows the practice of several sports. Krys offers swimming pool goggles adapted to water sports. The glasses adjust to ensure a good hold and tightness. The lenses of the glasses adapt to the eyesight of children and are tinted, treated anti-fog. They are made of polycarbonate in order to make the glasses light and shock resistant.

In parallel, Krys also offers glasses suitable for ball and ball sports. They have a strap, a protective curve and ventilation holes. Non-slip they are ultra light to ensure a good hold. They adapt to children’s eyesight to allow for clear vision and a wide field of view.

Finally, Krys also thought of the children who practice sliding sports in the mountains. It offers removable clips suitable for children’s eyesight. These clips come to rest on the ski masks to offer a clear vision.

Thus, with this equipment, vision problems no longer block the practice of sport for children. This new offering is part of Krys’ commitment to children’s vision health. The brand takes its role to heart. She wanted to raise awareness among parents and support families in the treatment of visual disorders.


“Krys launches its glasses adapted to the sight of children for sports activities” Krys, press release of 29 September 2021

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