SNCF: OuiCar, transporting the train to the car “down from home”

With OuiCar, a SNCF service, let’s rethink how we travel. In the run-up to the holidays, many are planning their next stay. However, this year will not be like other years. Indeed, following COVID-19, a second containment has been imposed since October 30, 2020. We don’t know when it will end yet. However, this period will have led to changes in people’s habits. These changes in travel and transportation are noted. Indeed, this year, travel to the territory has been privileged as well as more individualized modes of transport. So it’s a good bet that, if travel is allowed for the holidays, many people prefer the car. Or rental services such as those offered by OuiCar and SNCF.

Sustainable tourism is a part of transport

Indeed, the COVID-19 crisis has involved many changes in people’s habits. There are mainly changes in travel. Indeed, the uncertain situation has led to limitations in travel but also the closure of international borders. As a result, after the first de-conference, there was a trend for domestic travel. Indeed, the French preferred to make local trips but also family tourism. Behind this trend lies a search for meaning, no doubt linked to the health situation. There was a real need to reconnect with his family but also with nature. Rural areas have been privileged, such as the mountains. To be able to respond, to this need for mobility Ouicar and SNCF offer a suitable offer.

Beyond a new trend for new places in the context of sustainable tourism, modes of transport are changing. Indeed, containment habits have a lasting impact on behaviours, with the maintenance of barrier gestures and physical distance. Thus, travellers preferred the individual car. This means of transport allows a total physical distance, unlike the train, the plane, the bus or carpooling. Thus, it was possible to take your own car or to rent one. An opportunity for Ouicar, a SNCF service, offering a car rental service for rent between individuals.

ouicar sncf travel country car
Following the COVID-19, the use of the car was preferred for travel on French territory.

SNCF and OuiCar on the road to new horizons

Thus, the SNCF service, OuiCar, is the French leader in car rental between individuals. The platform now has more than 2.3 million users for 35,000 cars across the country. Available on the Internet or via its mobile applications, it allows you to rent the car of your choice. Indeed, the offer offers vehicles of all types. From the city to the minivan, via the 9-seater minibus, the utility, the collector’s or luxury car. Thus, the primary mission of OuiCar and SNCF is to rethink its relationship with the car. It emphasizes the use rather than the ownership of the vehicle. The platform also allows advantageous rental rates, 30 to 50% cheaper than traditional renters.

Whether for short or long trips, the user can easily rent the car of his choice. For example, in and around the Bordeaux region, about 900 cars are available. SNCF’s OuiCar app now allows you to instantly book your car. Indeed, in order to offer even more freedom to users, Oui Car sets up instant booking that does not require confirmation from the owner. For the user, in addition to an increased simplicity it is a saving of time, he only has to download the application to book and leave with a rental car in a few clicks. Thus, thanks to OuiCar Connect the smartphone becomes the key to the vehicle, since the tenant performs the state of the premises, the opening, the closing, the start-up and the return.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, car transport has the coast. In fact, at the time of deconfinement, they have enabled the enforcement of necessary barriers to combat the spread of the virus. Beyond meeting a new need in terms of travel, SNCF’s offer with OuiCar also raises the question of ownership. Indeed, if renting a car becomes so simple and fast, is the investment in a car always as profitable, especially in urban areas.


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