Smart Contracting delivers a new real estate program in Coutras (video)

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Smart Contracting offers a brand new real estate program located in Coutras. This is Covap’s brand new production site; it is the purchasing cooperative of the ORCAB group for plumbers and electricians. This new logistics platform allows this player to strengthen its presence on the market. This building also responds to environmental issues. At a time when everything is done to respect the nature and well-being of employees.

Logistics building La Chaize Le Vicomte Covap

Smart Contracting facilitates CSR policy with its real estate programs

With the delivery of its new building, Smart Contracting is committed to Covap’s CSR policy . Indeed, the cooperative was previously located in Rennes where its head office is located, as well as in Paris and Montaigu-Vendée since 2021.

For the employees present in the Greater South-West region, as well as for the members, this distance generated difficulties to maintain a lasting and close relationship. With the establishment of this new building located in Coutras, Covap can produce and ensure more deliveries in a short time to its members located in the region.

To this end, the Communauté d’Agglomération du Libournais has made every effort to allow Covap to establish itself in this territory, in order to modify the Local Urban Plan. This allows the project to see the light of day to create a high-rise building and meet the needs of the Covap.

This project, led by Smart Contracting, will be completed and delivered for the last quarter of 2023 , approximately 12 months after the filing of the permit. A project worth more than 12 million euros for the building alone, for a total envelope of 18 million euros. The 12,700m² building will house offices, social premises and storage spaces, where about fifty people will work out of season. All on a total area of 3.2 hectares.

Illustration image: Smart Contracting

Anchoring environmental issues at the heart of new buildings

Smart Contracting is not the only manufacturer to carry out projects dedicated to companies that respond to environmental issues. More and more companies are issuing specific requests, with expectations in terms of energy and environmental transition. Buildings better designed to consume less, and provide all the necessary comfort to employees. Which run on renewable energies such as solar. Also, it is not uncommon to see offices and commercial premises operating using solar panels placed on roofs.

These solutions allow companies to get involved in what is called a CSR approach. A term increasingly used, which demonstrates a general awareness. Customers are sensitive to this, being attentive to the choices made by companies. It also facilitates proximity, and therefore the local dimension for transport, commercial relations. Smart Contracting is therefore involved in the proper conduct of the project to meet these challenges… And thus facilitate the development of Covap in the Greater South-West region.


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