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SEW USOCOME, a major investment to mark its position and sustain the business

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SEW USOCOME is a subsidiary of the German group SEW EURODRIVE which offers industrialsolutions. Currently, in the territory, the group has no less than 2,300 employees. They work in two manufacturing plants, a logistics plant and five assembly and service centers. In addition, in Pessac, a Drive Technology Center makes it possible to offer proximity to industrialists in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

If the different manufacturing entities serve the whole territory they also offer their solutions to the different assembly centers of the group throughout the globe. Thus, with a view to development SEW USOCOME, invested 70 million euros in order to carry out the extension of its production site in Brumath. The objective is to perfect a little more the site which is already placed as a showcase of technology. On the other hand, it will make it possible to develop the assembly capacities of the plant while perpetuating employment and the business project.

Mark its position with the development of a showcase site for SEW USOCOME

The Sew Usocome group is present through different poles spread throughout the territory. The Brumath site is of particular importance to the group. Indeed, the production site has been a showcase site for the group for a little more than five years. The site specializes in the assembly of engines and gearboxes on the French market. In particular, it has obtained the label of Vitrine Industrie Futur.

Built in 2015, the SEW USOCOME factory is labeled Showcase Industry of the Future. It is dedicated to the assembly of engines and geared engines for the French market and the group’s other international sites. Today, by following this objective, the group is reserving a new transformation for it. It will be extended to radiate a little more on the 9 hectares located right next to the current plant. The project materializes after the acquisition in 2019 of these 9 new hectares. Thus, from the second quarter of 2021, the work will be able to start and they will be agreed over 3 years so that the site will be in service in 2024.

The work on the site aims on the one hand to increase the assembly and storage capacities of the plant. Indeed the extension will make no less than 24,000 square meters of buildings. An investment of 70 million euros that will make it possible to internalize, centralize and increase the storage capacities of the plant. The new layout unveils a new automated store at the forefront of the latest technologies. The processes used and the additional sampling stations within the site are innovative in order to increase the efficiency in terms of assembly capacity.

In addition, the extension project includes the installation of new loading and unloading docks. The establishment of these facilities is more than necessary to meet the new challenges of the market. In this sense, SEW USOCOME meets the new expectations of its customers in the territory and internationally. In particular, it wants to reduce its delivery times. To finish in style, SEW USOCOME, integrates a responsible dimension with the establishment of a waste disposal facility to recover waste on the site.

investment industry plant SEW USOCOME
SEW USOCOME invests to develop its leading position

An investment to secure employment and the company’s perfambience strategy

The Brumath plant is particularly involved in the economic eco-system of the commune of Bas-Rhin. Indeed, no less than 550 employees work on a daily basis within the Brumath plant. If the investment is to make it possible to develop technologies on site, it must also make it possible to secure employment. For this, SEW USOCOME, also carries loud and clear a corporate strategy “Perfambiance”. This is the business concept proposed by Michel Munzenhuter between 1989 and 2015. This business model seeks the right compromise between individual and collective happiness and performance.

It must be said that for the company the well-being of employees seems to be a driver of performance. Indeed, by working in a healthy, secure environment each employee can find his place and flourish to give the best of himself. It is also a dimension that is increasingly highlighted within workspaces. Well-being poses a real reflection in the world of work. Lately we have also seen the appearance of the biophilic system. The aim is to make workspaces more pleasant for workers thanks to nature.

The extension of the production site is part of the USO 2031 project. This project also includes the extension of the Forbach site, which specialises in aluminium foundry. In addition to the 70 million recently invested, the group had committed 30 million euros for the Forbach project, which is due to be delivered shortly. Hasinsi, step by step the investments concretize the strategy of SEW USOCOME. A company that wants to mark its leading position in drive systems and automation solutions.


“SEW USOCOME invests 70 million euros in the extension of its plant in Brumath”, SEW USOCOME, press release of 7 June 2021


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