Human Services: A Wave of Recruitment for 2021

Human services, a sector with great recruitment potential? 2021 is the year of renewal, of economic recovery, marked by the emergence of certain sectors of activity where demand is stronger. In particular, personal assistance is one of those promising sectors, in which the need for labour is growing. Maison & Services, Maintien ADOM and Nounou ADOM are among those companies that are growing, and that need new employees. Human services cover a wide spectrum, assistance, maintenance of housing or childcare are all daily activities to manage.

A job dating focused on human services

On June 15, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Maison & Services, Maintien ADOM and Nounou ADOM are organizing their first job dating of the year. An event on a national scale, to expand their teams. These are three complementary networks, specialized in human services, throughout France. Also, people wishing to apply for this event can do so by visiting one of the agencies in its sector.

Job dating allows the company to meet candidates quickly, during brief exchanges, of about 10 minutes. Face-to-face appointments, in compliance with barrier gestures, or videoconferencing, to limit the crowd in the premises. The group wants to recruit more than 625 new employees for its three sectors. In Gironde, 20 positions are to be filled.

Senior phone help requests services
One of the advantages of ADOM Maintenance? Proximity.

In total, 4150 people are part of this group in France, making human services their core business. The positions to be filled are on fixed-termcontracts, permanent contracts… As well as in alternance and apprenticeship. Their goal is to find new talent, and ensure quality service for all their clients. Place the human relationship at the heart of their functioning, on a daily basis.

The group is thus committed to recruiting its new employees on a sustainable basis. It also relies on the professionalization and training of its teams within the various agencies. First of all, through proximity, by making agencies available and close to customers. Companies anchored and involved in their territory, thus offering the responsiveness expected by customers.

Throughout France, there are currently 197 companies in this group, spread over all regions and departments. A plus for quality support.

Large-scale recruitment

There is no dip in activity in human services. The French population is generally aging, and the pandemic is contributing to the isolation of the most fragile. Maintenance ADOM then intervenes with the elderly and people with disabilities. Two profiles in loss of autonomy, who need support on a daily basis. Through the announced recruitments, the company guarantees its customers continuous follow-up by the same person.

The lack of collaborators did not allow until then to have a single interlocutor. A delicate situation for customers, personal services being done at home, in a setting of total privacy. In order to carry out their activity in the best conditions, new employees benefit from regular training. They also benefit from regular monitoring, to provide a service of optimal quality.

The group has many ambitions, including a strong commitment to local employment actors. To this end, it announces the recruitment of 825 new employees by the end of 2021. Already in 2020, the group had recruited 700 people, on the basis of stable contracts.

Senior support help
The group is growing to ensure a unique follow-up for each client.

Nounou ADOM offers 200 positions to be filled in France. House & Services offers 500. These are positions of housekeepers, gardeners, window cleaners, operations managers or even animators. Finally, ADOM Maintenance proposes 125 positions. Eye assistants, housekeeping assistants, or a sector manager.

In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 77 positions are to be filled, including 20 in Gironde. These new hires reinforce the 87 employees already present in the region. To give a new impetus to the professions of personal services…


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