Hiring bonus in the personal assistance sector

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Since February, the four agencies “With my home helpers” of the AVEC Group, recruit by offering a hiring bonus. They are located in Arcachon, Galcon, Lussac and Mérignac. In a rapidly changing context for this sector, recruitment is a key issue. Indeed, if the sector develops, for employers it is not easy to find profiles. In order to encourage employment, the AVEC Group’s agencies offer a hiring bonus of 500 euros. It is intended for home helpers as well as carers who wish to join the Group’s teams.

This hiring bonus aims to compensate for an image that harms the recruitment shortage that affects the sector. Between lack of attractiveness, specific hours, questionable remuneration and turnover, it is necessary to revalue employment in the sector.

Recruitment difficulties in the personal assistance sector

The personal assistance sector is experiencing recruitment difficulties. These difficulties have become even more accentuated with the impact of the health crisis. Indeed, according to Pôle Emploi, if the sector is growing, there are still major recruitment difficulties. Therefore, they constitute in particular a brake on the development of the activity. Recruiters are becoming well aware of the causes related to this phenomenon. For the latter, recruitment difficulties are due to a lack of attractiveness of the professions as well as insufficient remuneration . At the same time, other elements come into play. The sector’s professions are also subject to an image problem.

Home help, a hiring bonus to help with recruitment

This image deficit is linked to the restrictive hours of the professions, the low remuneration and mobility. At the same time, all these elements together can cause a significant turnover . In this sense, the sector must consider a new approach to win back candidates and give them back the desire. All actors must then set up solutions and campaigns to inform candidates. Recruiters are also organizing themselves to seduce candidates as shown by the agencies of the AVEC Group with the hiring bonus.

With my home helpers offers a hiring bonus of 500 euros

In order to overcome the recruitment difficulties, the Group With my home helpers is setting up a hiring bonus of 500 euros in four agencies in Gironde. In conjunction with the proposed bonus, the agencies wish to offer employees benefits to enhance their well-being at work as well as a co-optation bonus in order to maintain an employment dynamic. Indeed, the need for recruitment must follow the increase in needs in the long term.

More specifically, the hiring bonus is paid to each new employee after a period of 3 months on a permanent or fixed-term contract of at least 104 hours per month. This bonus applies to all and does not take into account qualifications. The co-optation bonus applies with the same amount for employees who manage to co-opt candidates. At the same time, Amendment 43 on the remuneration of home helpers applies to guarantee a better salary for employees of the AVEC Group. Thus, employees have been able to benefit from a salary increase between 13 and 15% since October 2021. Finally, the last important point for the Group is that of well-being. If it is important for customers it must also be an important point for employees.

The Group values the well-being of employees through the implementation of benefits, services, accompaniment, support and training. It also attaches great importance to work-life balance by adapting, for example, the tasks and their duration.

A sector to conquer new candidates

The Group is therefore recruiting home helpers in Gironde with great opportunities including the hiring bonus. Overall, the sector is trying to win back candidates and is trying to overcome internal difficulties of which it is well aware. At this time, it is important to be able to ensure a response to the needs of assistance to the person.

All means seem good if they are applied correctly to respond to the problems. It will be necessary to know whether the hiring bonus and the other measures put in place have made it possible to encourage hiring in the sector. At the same time, listening to employees in the sector will be important to provide the best answers.

To apply, candidates can visit the AVEC Group website or submit their application in the agencies.


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