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Bordeaux: Santosha, a franchise driven by its success

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The restoration takes on colors, like Santosha. The Asian restaurant franchise seems to have already forgotten the crisis, and is riding the wave of success. Indeed, it opened during the summer a brand new establishment located in Mérignac. A twentieth address that shows the power of catering on Bordeaux consumers. After months of difficulties related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the various restrictions for the profession… How is the restaurant market doing today? More broadly, are franchises faring better than classic, independent restaurants?

Santosha, a success story for restaurant franchises

Santosha is one of the must-see addresses in Gironde and the Bordeaux region. It offers a very popular Asian canteen concept, which justifies the constant opening of new addresses throughout France. This franchise has been able to make a place for itself in the restaurant landscape, and thus bounce back after the pandemic. Street Food then seems to be doing well. A type of fast food, varied, which seduces all customer profiles.

Santosha has opened 5 new addresses since the spring, and the end of restrictions to eat on site. Despite the possibility of being able to buy to go, allow restaurateurs to continue to have an activity… Customers were even more present as soon as they reopened. The unwavering support of customers during this period allowed restaurants, and especially neighborhood establishments, to get through this delicate period. Especially since they turn to several activities other than traditional catering, dealing with delivery or takeaway to continue their activity.

On the franchiseside, it is the same observation. Despite belonging to a chain, each restaurant remains independently managed. But for them, with the support of their headquarters and generalized processes, the implementation of changes is easier. Santosha was thus able to rely on identical communication for each establishment, as well as on overall measures, equipment provided by the franchisor.

Thus, the restoration resumes colors. Despite the obligation for customers wishing to eat on site to present a valid health pass, or a negative test for Covid-19, the situation is recovering. For customers, this return to the restaurant is even more appreciated.

Asian restaurant dishes
Fast food franchises appeal to customers.

The success of franchises, boosted after the crisis?

Faced with a success like that of Santosha, one is entitled to wonder about the impact of the crisis on franchise networks. How are they opening so many new establishments in the aftermath of the economic crisis linked to the pandemic? Even before the pandemic, franchises were experiencing growing interest and success.

Why are franchises so easy to grow, despite the current situation? First of all, and unlike a traditional establishment, the franchise supports the franchisee in his journey. The costs incurred are also less than for a traditional establishment. Indeed, the franchisor and its network make available to the franchisee all the necessary equipment, common to other establishments.

In addition, the brand prevails over the rest, which ensures a good reputation for all new franchises. Proof of this is with Santosha, which opens franchises easily, and which always meets the same success. Thus, no need to make a very sustained communication to discover the brand in the universe, if they already exist …

Finally, another considerable advantage, all the dishes offered are essential, common to all establishments. All you have to do is follow technical sheets to make identical dishes in each Santosha restaurant in the franchise. This is also found in fast food networks, such as McDonald’s,which offers the same sandwiches in all of its restaurants.

This allows each franchise to perform the same tasks, with the same products and the same rigor. After all, it is also a question for the franchisor to ensure that each franchisee returns to his expenses. Because this rigor allows each restaurant to have similar returns. Santosha, and many other institutions monitor the results of their establishments, and continue to grow…


Santosha opens a 20th address in Mérignac. Santosha press release published on September 14, 2021

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