Unique sale: furniture is on the rise

Furniture is important and essential to feel good in a space. The end of summer is a good time to rethink its decoration and the layout of its dwelling. A way to start a new period in a new atmosphere. The COVID-19 also had its small effect on the furniture layout, motivating the desire for renewal. The containment of the last few months is a big part of it. Staying locked up at home all day motivates the desire for change, but above all optimization. Breathe, change the atmosphere according to his desires. The furniture sector is one of the major winners of this difficult period.

Unique sale, or how to optimize your living space

Since 2006, Single Sale has been one of the references in furniture sales. On a European scale, this site is very successful with a turnover of 96.5 million euros in 2019. It offers a wide range of interior furniture, with all the essential furniture: sofas, coffee tables, beds or practical storage. This year, the focus on decoration and landscaping is on the “Less is More”. It is a clean layout of its living space, where it is optimized to the maximum. A goal, saving space to create a comfortable cocoon. In large metropolitan areas, housing is expensive and smaller or poorly configured. A gararded dwelling or a small studio can become very difficult places to furnish.

Thanks to its advice and its varied catalogue, Single Sale makes it possible to furnish its home. No matter how big or how big it is. The choice of furniture is one of the criteria that people place the most importance on. In Bordeaux, Agora Mobilier (2) is also one of the “indoor agitators” who optimize the space to furnish a dwelling. These personalized and tailor-made tips adapt to each accommodation, to find the ideal combination of furniture. All without leaving out the tastes and budget of the customer. Scandinavian style, industrial or rather nature, so many possible choices to explore and discover to breathe new life into its interior. According to a study by Opinion Way (3), the quality of a piece of furniture for purchase is essential, although the functional aspect is also important. Indeed, keeping a piece of furniture intact for several years is a particularly appreciated guarantee of quality.

Furniture, decoration… the importance of Made In France

The purchase of quality products has long been a benefit for households. By purchasing a quality product, it is easier to project yourself over time, and to keep your product. Even if the furniture evolves fairly regularly, it is still an investment, which can be cushioned by second-hand resale. However, the origin of the product is a reassuring factor for consumers. The Made In France allows to have the guarantee of a quality furniture, destined to last over time. It is also easier to trace the materials used, to meet sustainable and environmental commitments. But it is also an important factor in the age of COVID-19. Indeed, the closure of borders and the interruption of trade between the countries of the world slows imports of goods. The market is therefore totally open to French industries that have their card to play.

These are all advantages that make it possible to put a label of trust in the foreground, for more than half of the French. A label that could indeed contribute to the recovery of the economy, by giving visibility to local businesses and businesses. At a time when consumption is on the short circuit, with the local and responsible dimension, it is likely that French productions will be able to get their way.


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