Ryanair facilitates the customer experience thanks to digital

If there is one company that cares about the well-being and experience of its customers, it is undoubtedly Ryanair. The European low-cost airline continues to grow for its customers. More air links, more destinations, but also more services related to the health situation in the world… The group is mobilizing to make the experience of its customers simpler and less restrictive. For this, the company has thought about what travelers need for their trip. Faced with changing needs, providing answers and solutions becomes essential.

Customer experience, Ryanair’s innovative bet

Ryanair wants to innovate and develop its range of offers for travellers. In order to facilitate their travel throughout its network, the leader in the air has therefore set up new services. Some services, such as the digital wallet and refund services, have been around for a few months now. Two major services that facilitate adaptation to the evolution of the pandemic, and that reassure travelers. Indeed, the possibility of being able to postpone your trip at no additional cost, or to cancel it free of charge makes it possible to encourage people to travel.

Ryanair’s digital wallet also aims to store all documents that have become mandatory to travel abroad, or to travel by plane. This concerns in particular identity documents, vaccination certificates or negative tests, passports to leave.

But these aren’t the only new features for customers. Indeed, to facilitate travel, Ryanair is setting up more instant services… Such as the presence of an online help to answer travelers’ questions without them having to call a number and wait for an answer. If this sounds anecdotal, it reassures enormously: passengers can get an immediate answer to all their questions. And so, leave in good conditions.

Airliner company Ryanair flight
Ryanair planes crisscross Europe.

Provide real-time information

The hazards associated with airline flights are numerous. Unfavorable weather, delay during the previous trip, … These small unforeseen events change the travel situation, sometimes causing delays, aircraft changes or cancellations. For travelers, the information is not always instantaneous. We must wait for the announcements in the heart of the airport, because most airlines do not offer a digital service to inform in real time of developments.

Also, Ryanair has decided to react and offer on its application a service updated in real time. It allows you to see the status of the flights, the terminal and the boarding gate of the aircraft… But also to inquire about the facilities of the airport. This makes it possible to improve the customer experience with more information so that his journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Ryanair is committed to the well-being of its passengers. Faced with changing sanitary conditions, it is essential to react and develop the offers made to customers. Necessary services, which change everyday life, and which, more than ever, encourage people to travel.


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