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Rostaing is the pioneer in the creation and manufacture of technical gloves. With its know-how, the brand takes the safety of users to heart. Indeed, for more than two centuries, Rostaing has been innovating to bring comfort, precision and protection to professionals and individuals. The company thus has a research and development team that takes into account user feedback in order to perfect Rostaing products. The choice of models according to the sector of activity is essential for optimal security.

ROSTAING, the expert in hand protection made in France

Founded in 1789, Rostaing is a pioneering company in the protective glove sector. Coming from 6 generations,Rostaing know-how is at the origin of a protection and a precision adapted to each of the fields of activity. Whether for professionals or for everyday activities such as gardening, the company has models of gloves suitable for everyone.

Indeed, the hands are the first tool both in daily life and professionally. Thus, every year, a significant number of accidents take place. Indeed, injuries to the hands are the main causes of personal injury accidents. TheEuropean Hand Institute counts more than 2.1 million people who are injured every year. It is thus to prevent and reduce the number of accidents that Rostaing develops quality gloves adapted to each situation. In a desire for constant improvement, research and development teams take into account the feedback from users. Thus, the testers use the gloves in the field and then make a return to the teams on 4 key criteria. These criteria arewaterproofness, dexterity, comfort and durability. This makes it possible in particular to analyze the various potential flaws, to develop gloves perfectly adapted to the use.

Rostaing gloves know-how activity
ROSTAING gloves are specific to each activity.

Rostaing also has a range of custom gloves suitable for rough or disabled hands. Indeed, it allows people with disabilities to maintain their efficiency and thus their employment or leisure. The importance of gloves perfectly adapted to all situations makes it possible to bring comfort and precision,essential criteria for the proper execution of activities.

Finally, the company also analyzes gloves when a person is the victim of an accident. This makes it possible to examine the conformity and viability of the products and to understand the origin of the accident. Rostaing thus insists on the importance of choosing the right gloves according to the chosen activity. They should also be changed when they show signs of wear and tear.

Accidents at work, physical and financial consequences

An accident at work is an accident that occurred during the professional activity. Thus, to be recognized, it must have occurred suddenly and be a physical or psychological injury. To avoid and prevent accidents at work, it is essential for the employer to properly equip his employees. Just like Rostaing, which is of paramount importance to the proper use of its gloves, the employer must equip its teams with suitable protective equipment. Indeed, the equipment must correspond to the nature of the activity.

Providing its employees well is essential to promote their safety. Accidents at work thus cause the company to lose productivity. Indeed, about 71 working days are lost due to accidents at work in the construction sector.

Thefinancial impact then grows if many accidents at work occur. Indeed, the employer contribution increases proportionally with the number of accidents at work. From 2022, companies at the collective rate that have been able to take effective measures to significantly reduce occupational risks will be entitled to a premium. Conversely, companies with an abnormally high number of accidents at work could see their rate increase.

Companies therefore have every interest in setting up prevention campaigns among their employees and quality equipment. This will help to preserve their health, maintain high productivity and not pay additional contributions.


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