Architects’ residences, Caisse des Depots… to the happiness of villages and heritage

Architects’ residences are a cultural project in its own right. They are the meeting between an architect accompanied by other professionals, people, elected, on a given territory and in a given context. These architects’ residences are intended to open the eyes of local residents and actors to the identity of cities and territories. Each year, these projects carry a strong message, vector of synergies and creators of links. A situation of sharing, created between the laureates and the inhabitants. In France and Quebec, there are more than 32 architectural houses. This is an ambitious project supported by many players.

Architect residencies, a valuable cultural and architectural diffusion

Architects’ residences are located in territories all over France. In 2020, nine projects were launched, including one in Gironde. In Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, located east of Bordeaux, the architect’s house is run by Manon RAVEL and Marie WILLAIME. Their goal is to reveal the potential and opportunities of the territory, through sharing. A sharing with the inhabitants, the elected representatives… These projects aim to spread the urban and landscape architectural culture of the selected cities. For this, architects’ residences have a period of 6 weeks spread over several months to carry out their mission. Above all, it is an architectural and urban mediation, which promotes the balance of territorial development. For this year, where the action of the architect’s residence will be active between September and December, the winners will have several missions.

First of all, to highlight what the lives of the inhabitants in their commune represent. The objective of the residence is indeed the rehabilitation of the town centre of a bastide. For this, their two winners have a financial envelope. A residence allowance of 10,000 euros TTC, and a production budget of up to 5,000 TTC. This envelope is the same for all architectural residences, regardless of their location. This program initiated by the Network of Houses of Architecture is supported by the Caisse des Depots and the Ministry of Culture. The Caisse des Depots has been supporting the programme since 2017. It develops a sponsorship program focused on experimentation and innovation in the field of architecture and landscape. These supports enable such initiatives to be effectively and sustainably implemented.

An initiative also carried out by the residents, to develop their territory

Architects’ residences aim to forge links between housing and the local, urban, natural and agricultural environment. Above all, it is a question of promoting a totally transparent vision of the work carried out by the duo in the residences of architects. This allows the premises to see what is being done and to take part in the work carried out. Both urban and rural, they bring a real relationship with the inhabitants. Thus, for example, the beginning of the transformation of Bordeaux began with this kind of initiative. In 2009, the Order of Architects of Aquitaine chose to go to the Right Bank of Bordeaux, to transform this district. Today, they are at the head of 308, which closely follows the project of Sauveterre de Guyenne.

Cities are growing, and neighborhoods are modernizing. Proof of this is with the rise of the Right Bank of Bordeaux, which is being built and modernized. It is about the rehabilitation of neighbourhoods such as Brazza,to meet more environmentally friendly requirements. Cities on the periphery and rural areas are also developing, without distorting themselves. Through exchanges and work in symbiosis, the residences of architects and the inhabitants shape the world of tomorrow. All this, while continuing to preserve the heritage, so dear to France…


Architects’ residences in France – 2020

The 308

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