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Economic recovery at the heart of the 76th Congress of Chartered Accountants

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The Order of Chartered Accountants is organizing its 76th National Congress in Bordeaux on the theme of economic recovery. Held from 6 to 8 October 2021 at the Parc des Expositions, it resembles about 4,000 accountants from all over France in the Bordeaux metropolis. But also more than 700 professionals in distance learning on the occasion of this congress in hybrid format. An event that attracts a large number of participants both by its location and by its programming (1). For good reason, according to the OEC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the name of Bordeaux alone is enough to increase the number of participants in a professional event by 10 to 15%. In addition, the workshops and conferences are led by renowned speakers. In particular, a major interview conducted by the former President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Economic recovery in France: companies in shape again?

The Banque de France, like other institutions, carries out business surveys to give itself a better reading of the economic situation. In its September report to 8,500 companies or institutions, the Banque de France estimates that GDP has almost returned to its pre-crisis level (-1%). Projections expected a further improvement in September, with -0.5%. %. (2)

However, difficulties persist and are hampering the prospects for recovery. For example, in August, 51% of businesses in the industry reported supply difficulties,2 points higher than in July. They are also 60% to undergo it in the building. Similarly, half of the companies say they are facing increasing recruitment difficulties.

After complicated months, the cash flow of companies in the industry is growing to well above its long-term average. In services, on the other hand, it decreased slightly although remaining above its average. Conversely, in the CHR, it remains well below normal.

Economy in Gironde, a disparate picture

In Gironde, the conclusions generally follow the national average (3). CHR and service companies are struggling to recover. For good reason, they face an activity always weaker than before the crisis and always weaker than other sectors of activity.

activity level CHR health crisis economic recovery
Level of activity since the end of the confinement for the CHR compared to the average all sectors combined – CCI Bordeaux Gironde
resumption of activity services confinement back to school 2021
Level of activity for service companies – CCI Bordeaux Gironde

Thus, according to the CCi Bordeaux Gironde, 5% of the establishments surveyed plan to permanently cease their activity at 6 months. Others are looking for solutions to get back on their feet. For example, 29% plan to develop new offerings in an attempt to revive their business. In this context, financial advice is needed more than ever to help business leaders and contribute effectively to economic recovery.

Chartered accountants are crucial interlocutors for the economy because we are as close as possible to business leaders. In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, we are more than 1,700 to provide daily advice and solutions to the economic actors of the territory.

Mikaël Hugonnet, President of the Ordre des Experts-Comptables Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Financial aid and economic recovery, the change in government policy

The 76th Congress of Chartered Accountants comes after two years without an event (1). Given the health crisis and the current economic situation, the theme “the chartered accountant at the heart of the recovery” is essential. A few months ago, the Order of Chartered Accountants drew up the balance sheet for the year 2020. The opportunity to draw 50 concrete proposals for companies to accelerate the recovery.

Among the recommendations, the desire to facilitate access to government aid for rapid economic recovery. Partial activity, solidarity fund, PGE, RTT imposed… Or to strengthen the equity of companies. Tax reduction, investment incentive, release of French savings to boost consumption…

In the autumn of 2021, the situation has largely changed. For good reason, sanitary conditions are improving, activity resumes good year, bad year. But above all, financial aid is ending. Thus, State support is now reserved for sectors and geographical areas still subject to health restrictions and structural difficulties. They are also degressive, until they cease completely by the end of 2021, according to the latest announcements.

economic recovery recovery activity chartered accountants

In this context, chartered accountants must therefore renew their thinking. As well as study together and with business leaders, the government, institutions in the right way tosupport companies for economic recovery.

Support for companies in arrears, recourse to collective proceedings, implementation of aid for fixed costs… With the end of “whatever it takes”, our role remains decisive! The voice of chartered accountants, I am convinced, must remain strong. And it will remain so.

Lionel Canesi, President of the Order of Chartered Accountants

Renowned speakers for a grandiose congress in favor of companies

This is an important time for the profession, especially since the congress could not take place last year due to the health crisis caused by Covid. It is an opportunity to exchange, to learn and to prepare to support companies as best as possible in this period of recovery that has begun.

Mikaël Hugonnet, President of the Ordre des Experts-Comptables Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Organized over three days, the National Congress of Chartered Accountants is planning a large number of workshops and conferences. To justify more than ever the relevance of the format and the quality of the reflection to be carried out, he calls on more than a hundred renowned speakers. The event therefore welcomes the Minister Delegate for Small and Medium Enterprises Alain Griset. This will open the Congress on the occasion of the opening plenary. But also Michel-Édouard Leclerc or Stéphane Plaza as entrepreneurs. Comedian and former lawyer Caroline Vigneaux, politician and former minister Michel Sapin…

In addition, one of the major conferences of the Congress on economic recovery will bring together Lionel Canesi and Nicolas Sarkozy, in particular on his vision to get out of the crisis.


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