Recruitment is working at full speed for recovery

Companies in all sectors promote recruitment to resume their activity fully and meet their ambitions. In France as in the world, this desire to bounce back and no longer look to the pandemic, but to the future, motivates. Also, recruitment plans are multiplying, with the firm intention of continuing to innovate. Continue to offer services that are closer to customer needs. Bring the promises already stated, but delayed with the health crisis. Companies want to move forward, and expanding their teams is an essential need.

Recruitment to innovate, again and again

Among the largest groups that are innovating, Airbus is one of the players that contribute the most to the development of the aeronautics and aerospace market. Its roadmap includes a decisive step forward in developing green aviation: the decarbonisation of flights. To achieve this, Airbus needs manpower, and for this purpose is recruiting qualified people. Thus, around the world, Airbus aims to recruit 6,000 additional people.

This important recruitment allows the group to accelerate its ambitions to create sustainable aviation, while being involved in recruitment. The pandemic has strengthened its desire to innovate, and to encourage progress through important issues.

Another recruitment with an international ambition, in the world of financing for companies thanks to artificial intelligence this time… The Ayomi Group aims to conquer Europe with its innovative solutions, and relies on the recruitment of 40 new employees. The latter, with an IT/development oriented profile, will reinforce the team of 40 people already in place.

Thus, Ayomi, with this recruitment ambition, and its planned deployment to Europe, wishes to serve a market estimated at 22 million VSEs / SMEs. Potential that allows us to see the future in a better light.

Recrutement embauche candidat
The pandemic has accelerated recruitment needs.

Follow market developments to anticipate needs

Training is one of the most popular activities for people wishing to retrain. With the pandemic, many workers have chosen to change course to pursue another activity. This need for change shows the reality of an evolving market, and for companies, a need to evolve their business.

Training platforms must also recruit to keep up with changing needs. This is particularly the case for the HelloWork group, which, faced with the increase in needs, wishes to recruit 100 new employees. Recruitments that also have an impact on recruitment platforms, whose job offers are multiplying. This coincides with the desire for change in the workforce, after the effects of the pandemic on the labour market.

Le recrutement d’après-pandémie change la donne. De nouveaux secteurs émergent, de nouveaux besoins. Une volonté de se tourner vers la reprise. 


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The Ayomi Group is recruiting 40 new talents in 2022 to conquer Europe. Press release published on December 2, 2021

The HelloWork group confirms its development strategy with a business growth of 39% in 2021. Press release published on January 18, 2022

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