Recruitment in New Aquitaine, what opportunities?

COVID 19 has had an unprecedented impact on the country’s economy and recruitment. Indeed, GDP fell by more than 13%. The epidemic has also hit employment hard and since the containment, set up in mid-March and lifted on 11 May 2020. Indeed, as a result of the containment, the numbers of job destruction have continued to increase throughout the territory. However, we can see that some sectors have been able to reap the benefits of the situation by employing on an interim basis. Today, employment is picking up timidly.

The timid recovery of the labour market

Businesses have not been spared from the COVID 19 crisis. The difficulties of his latter have been widely felt on employment during confinement. Indeed, in the first half of 2020, there was a decline of more than 715,000 salaried jobs. (1) After the containment, the economy was hoping for some glimmers of hope. As a result, employment rebounded for most sectors, except for those more permanently affected by the health crisis. These include the transport, accommodation and catering sectors, and culture. Indeed, they have not been able to preserve the workforce they have kept through partial unemployment.

After containment, the economic recovery increased temporary employment. Indeed, there was an increase of 23% with more than 108,100 jobs created. (1) QAPA, the temporary recruitment platform, reveals the figures for the need for interim recruitment by region. Through this barometer, the platform notes that certain sectors have been actively recruiting for several weeks. The transportation, logistics and human services and health sectors stand out.

New Aquitaine is not out of the question when it comes to recruitment

After more than 3 months of rising unemployment in New Aquitaine, the recovery that has begun has shown prospects for the future. According to the DIRECCTE report on the labour market situation during the health crisis, unemployment rose by 3% in March, 4.1% in April, 1.2% in May and 0.2% in June. However, since 11 May the situation has reversed. The number of category A job seekers (without activity) decreased by 4.2%. (2) In addition, QAPA announces 60,755 job offers from its platform in New Aquitaine. (3)

Thus, with the trend of the interim, recruitment requests have been increasing in the region for several weeks. These requests are located by distinct sector. These include trade and sales, construction, human services and community services. But also the transport and logistics sector and finally those of the hotel and catering, tourism and entertainment. Businesses in the region are mainly looking for salespeople, construction workers, order preparers, carers and mechanics.

The crisis of Covid 19 has left a legacy on the economy and the labour market throughout the territory, and also on the New Aquitaine region. However, we are seeing a timid recovery, thanks in part to temporary employment. This is an opportunity to revive the economy in the short term but not to look further.


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2 – Labour market situation during the health crisis – DIRECCTE -Focus on job seekers registered at the Jobcentre in July 2020 in the New Aquitaine region

3 Press Data – Recruitment September

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