Professional retraining in New Aquitaine

Professional retraining in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in full evolution. According to the Ministry of Labour, one in four people changed jobs between 2010 and 2015. Depending on your age, your training or your family situation, you may be subject to the desire to change occupations. Start-ups and organizations are born to accompany you during your professional conversion, a business model was born. The State has understood these new professional trends and is therefore participating in the creation of retraining aids.

Professional retraining, a trigger following COVID-19

Professional retraining allows a person to change jobs to go to a different branch. A way to reinvent yourself, to embark on a new career. Indeed, 95% of French people have already thought about reconverting. A phenomenon that is gaining in magnitude, revealing a desire to change the framework.

Studies show that the enthusiasm for professional retraining is gaining ground. Confinement encourages the desire to change the air, and the profession. Especially since with the difficulties of maintaining activity, some sectors are clogged. However, are the French ready to retrain and completely change their career plan?

The lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted the economic life of many businesses since the beginning of the year. For certain sectors such as catering, tourism, or culture, the prospects for recovery are receding.

Teleworking, opportunities and the desire for change lead to the transition to professional retraining. Training offers exist in digitalized format, to accommodate the needs of customers. Thus, it is possible to quickly train in many professions.

Professional retraining, in a context of health crisis

Some companies offer their employees to train in new skills, to develop their knowledge. This mode of training gains visibility, and brings added value for the company. It thus makes it possible to change positions within the company, without changing the path at all.

The Covid-19 health crisis is a factor in encouraging professional retraining. Thus, the various lockdowns have given employees time to question their professional future. From their own sandstone or reluctantly, some sectors have no choice. Thus, more than 499,700 jobs were lost in the first quarter of 2020 according to INSEE (1). One thinks in particular of the hotel, restaurant and tourism sector, which has been particularly affected by the crisis.

The desire for reconversion, already present before the Covid period, has thus increased. It is true that the trades put on the spot were able to accelerate the decision-making process. Between anticipation or a simple desire for change, the demand for training has increased.

Entrepreneurs Efficity Bordeaux Business
Conference in the context of vocational training.

1 billion euro for a Regional Investment Pact

On August 1, 2018 in the National Assembly, was adopted the bill for the freedom to choose one’s professional future. Set up by the Minister of Labour Muriel Pénicaud,it will make it possible from the beginning of 2019 to establish a society of emancipation through work and training.

It will give everyone, young people, employees and job seekers, the ability to project themselves serenely into the future. In addition, to realize oneself in one’s professional life thanks to new rights, guaranteed by collective protections adapted to the present and future challenges, and to companies in our territories to find the skills necessary for their development”.

Three main titles are addressed in this bill. The first title concerns a new skills society,through the massive development of apprenticeships and real access to vocational training. Secondly, it concerns more universal and fairer unemployment benefits, via new rights to unemployment insurance. Finally, concerning the provisions relating to employment. Indeed,a more inclusive society for real professional equality between women and men and the fight against sexist and sexual harassment at work, more universal access to employment for people with disabilities and more effective protection for posted workers.

This new vision allowed the signing on Friday, January 18, 2019 of an agreement with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region on the investment of vocational training.

The Regional Skills Investment Pact will enable the training of professionals in labour-intensive and labour-intensive sectors. More than one billion euros will be invested by 2020, with the aim of training an average of 60,000 people per year. Thus, this represents 500 million for the State and 650 million for the region.

Events and trade shows around career retraining

In Nouvelle-Aquitaine and more specifically in Gironde, organizations and events advise and support job seekers, young graduates and workers wishing to retrain professionally.

The Profession’L (Professionn’elles) trade fair specialises in supporting women who wish to change careers. The 7th edition will take place on April 4 and 5, 2019 at the Bordeaux Town Hall and will welcome thousands of visitors. The figures of the 2018 edition were thus promising : 3000 visitors, 92 partners, 65 conferences & workshops, 30 coaching meetings. Thus the partners and experts of the show will be able to give you the keys to success in reconversion. This goes through training, job search, business creation and individual support. This exhibition highlights women and their know-how, their desire to succeed and to climb the spheres of society.

Profession'L Bordeaux Business
Professional retraining, personalized support.

The CNAM is the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, created in 1794 by Abbé Grégoire. Thus the principles are the promotion of professional performance, equal opportunities and the accompaniment of merit, the response to the profile and career of each, the development of companies and territories. CNAM Nouvelle-Aquitaine offers 450 diplomas and 6,000 teaching units to support the professional transition.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine also organizes events around its technological evolution, thus promoting job training. For example, fiber optic trades. The region wants to become the first region to have fibre optics (THD, very high speed) in its entire territory. Indeed, companies are struggling to hire in this sector, 3,000 jobs must be created by 2022. For the record, according to a study by the American manufacturer Dell, about 85% of the jobs in 2030 do not yet exist.

EffiCity announces 200 recruitments in 2019

Efficity is a service platform that allows job seekers or employees who wish to change their jobs to become independent real estate agents. At the end of 2018, the network has a turnover of nearly 20 million euros for about 1,000 consultants. The growth over the last 3 years is 270% on a network of 1,400 cities. Indeed, it represents 24,000 sales since inception. According to the Frenchweb ranking of the 500 French tech companies, Efficity is the first real estate start-up.

The Efficity network offers a supported conversion in real estate. Thus, thetraining center “Le Campus Efficity” offers a personalized professionalization course. He provides legal, business and technical skills. The digital platform allows access to web, legal and technical media, marketing tools, ad distribution… In 5 years, Efficity has trained and supported nearly 1,000 workers in reconversion. In 2019, the Efficity network expands and recruits 200 new consultants.

New Aquitaine is a region that brings projects and support to professional retraining. Many private and public organizations can help you grow professionally.t. However, you must be motivated to complete your project.


In the second quarter of 2020, payroll employment fell again sharply in the private sector and fell in the public service,INSEE, 8 September 2020 – Press release

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