Real Estate: Virtual tours are taking a step back

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How far will technology change the face of trades, such as the virtual tour for real estate? At a time when COVID-19 is causing a second containment of the entire country, some activities are being altered again. In order to better rebound and continue to operate differently, many companies from various sectors are innovating. Among them, real estate suffers from the crisis and successive confinements. Deferral of purchase or sale, all factors that affect the good health of real estate agencies. At issue is the inability to continue physical visits of goods, to limit travel and, above all, contact.

The rise of virtual tours, a new way of looking at real estate

After an initial containment marked by the shutdown of many companies, and the obligation of the French to stay at home, real estate has chosen to develop a technology to facilitate the search for housing. The virtual tour, which has not been used before, is experiencing a real boom,driven by this unprecedented situation. Visiting homes from home, or finding a new location for your business, are no longer postponed. For customers, the experience is the same as a real visit, the travel less. A reasonable and environmentally friendly way to visit real estate with just a few clicks. Following the deployment of available virtual tour accommodations, the use of this technology has increased by 18% on agency sites. An encouraging sign that demonstrates that the use of virtual travel is anchored in the mores of Internet users.

Virtual tours allow you to project yourself into a space without being physically there.

This technology is appreciated, and works, so that some real estate agencies are digitizing more widely to offer an innovative concept. In Bordeaux, the Twist Agency is one of them. It offers fixed-price packages including virtual visits and offers various accommodations online. Bordhome is also a pioneer in this concept, and breaks the codes of the traditional real estate agency. In its operation, digital and virtual visits are central elements. Multi-skills agencies that put tomorrow’s technologies at the service of their customers. As a result, agencies and customers can reach potential buyers much further away geographically. Because, by definition, digital allows us to break boundaries, and to give immediate access to all existing content.

Digital for experience

The development of new innovations and technologies pushes the boundaries of services. For companies, this offers the opportunity to evolve their services, and to adapt to new constraints. With COVID-19 and containment,the virtual tour opens up new horizons for the experience. It is carried in particular by services like Google Streetview, which allows you to move around a space and see the streets as if you were there. Other industries such as culture have also embraced virtual reality to continue to discover art. Thus, a surfer can visit museums around the world, such as the Louvre in Paris and see famous works. Digital technology allows these sometimes hard-hit sectors to rebound, and compensate for the lack of traffic, or temporary closure.

The pandemic is impacting many industries. But thanks to digital, and new solutions like virtual access, companies can transform their services to continue to operate, differently. They allow us to change the behaviour of Internet users, but also to perpetuate ourselves beyond the pandemic. Indeed, the implementation of the virtual tour avoids travel, and therefore takes more care of the environment. A policy in which many metropolises, including Bordeaux, are involved in the long term…


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