Luxury real estate, the Gironde in the lead

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At the end of March 2022, Coldwell Banker and PriceHubble published the results of the firstluxury real estate barometer in France. The barometer indicates that Bordeaux, Cap-Ferret and Arcachon are positioned as luxury real estate destinations. The city of Bordeaux has experienced, like other cities, a drop in the supply of goods of about 25% (3). This decline is closely related to COVID-19. This decrease led to a price increase of 3.1% (3). In 2021, the pandemic is now having a much lower impact on the market than the previous year and supply is increasing by 50% (3).

At the same time, the price per m2 also increases by 4.4% to reach 7200€/m2 (3). Thus, this information shows that the impact of COVID-19 is no longer for the luxury real estate market in the territory. As for Bordeaux, the main cities for luxury real estate are regaining their values and prices are constantly rising. Among other flagship destinations, Lège Cap-Ferret stands out as the most expensive city for luxury real estate ahead of Paris.

Luxury real estate prices are still rising. In Gironde, cities such as Bordeaux, Arcachon, or Cap Ferret are known for the high prices charged in land (1). Acquiring a city by the sea, or in a neighborhood like the Golden Triangle has a significant cost per m². In addition, luxury real estate is breaking into new territories in France. How did prices change between 2018 and 2021?

Luxury real estate, a must in the major cities of Gironde

Not surprisingly, Bordeaux is known for high real estate prices. The city ranks second in the cities of France where the land per m² is the highest. During the pandemic, prices have continued to grow, with increases sometimes up to double digits, 13% for a luxury property on average. This effect is felt in particular with the confinement. Acquiring a luxury property in an environment like that of Cap Ferret in full confinement allows you to isolate yourself from major cities… And enjoy nature.

Luxury real estate is always a dream come true around the world

A larger space, especially for teleworking, is positive on the morale of the French who invest in luxury real estate. Also, the wealthiest households choose to combine comfort and living environment, especially in Gironde. Some agencies specializing in luxury real estate, such as Sotheby’s, are optimistic for 2022. Revenue generated by sales in France is experiencing a significant surge in 2021. It thus goes from 1.032 billion euros to 1.456 billion euros, an increase of 41% compared to 2020 (2).

Is it time to invest in luxury real estate for the wealthiest buyers? The average price of exceptional properties increased by around 13%, reaching €1.45 million in 2021. An increase that does not seem to slow down investment. Land, including luxury real estate, is increasing in value. Investing now makes it possible to build a substantial patrimony , destined to develop further.

The “traditional” territories of luxury joined by new French cities

Paris, Neuilly, Cap Ferret, Bordeaux, La Baule, or Arcachon are known to be cities that concentrate luxury real estate. Territories where real estate is known for its high prices. However, for some time now, other cities have been experiencing a surge in the prices of their land, with an increase in prestigious properties. These are medium-sized cities, to which many buyers are now turning. A craze that follows the pandemic, its lockdowns, and the desire for more space without the constraints of a large metropolis.

Among these new territories of luxury real estate, are for example Tours, Perpignan, Canet-en-Roussillon, Royan, La Rochelle, but also Le Mans. The majority of buyers are French, although the share of foreign investors, especially Americans, is increasing again. The reopening of borders seems to boost investment, and benefit the French economy. The purchase of land is important in the eyes of buyers, both in luxury and in the old or new …


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