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The start-up R-PUR develops and markets anti-pollution masks worldwide. Entirely Made in France, these masks aim to protect the health of users thanks to a technology filtering ultrafine particles. Being an innovative project and already appreciated by users, R-PUR wishes to continue to develop. For this, the start-up launches a fundraising with the start-up LITA.co. The latter is an investment platform dedicated to sustainable finance. Thus, it only supports companies and projects that are meaningful, especially in environmental and social terms. It therefore allows citizens to invest in the right way and support innovative projects.

Thus, investing in sustainable finance makes it possible to put the environment, social and ethical back at the center of the economy. Investments on the part of citizens are therefore more thoughtful and no longer focus solely on returns. Aware of the harmful impacts on the planet, everyone can act in their own way and on their own scale to put their stone in the building.

R-PUR, the collection for development

R-PUR is a French start-up created in 2016. The founders have joined forces to implement an innovation in favor of the health of all. Indeed, concerned by the environmental problem of air pollution,they have mobilized to set up a protective solution for users. Thus was born the extremely effective anti-pollution mask, allowing to filter ultrafine particles. Entirely Made in France, these masks are the result of several years of development and accompanied by professionals such as chemists, researchers or doctors. Considered the world leader in terms of efficiency and results, R-PUR innovation has received several innovation awards. R-PUR anti-pollution masks have convinced more than 60,000 people all over the world.

To continue its development, R-PUR has set up a fundraising via the LITA.co platform. This platform allows citizens to participate in the financing of projects oriented towards the environment or the social. This makes it possible to support thesolidarity economy, innovative projects but also the energy transition. Thus, this valuation of citizens’ savings serves a cause that makes sense.

To be selected by LITA.co,the criteria are precise. Indeed, the start-up wants to support only companies in line with their values. For 3 years, the start-up’s committee has retained only 6% of all applications sent. R-PUR is therefore a privileged and meaningful start-up in the eyes of LITA.co but not only. Indeed, it has raised more than €400,000, more than the target set at the beginning. This fundraising will therefore allow the start-up to continue to develop and develop new products for the health of all.

Sustainable finance, investing in ethics and the environment

Sustainable finance or green finance aims to reconcile economic performance and environmental impacts. Indeed, this finance favors financial operations taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Thus, it aims to focus on the energy transition and fight against global warming but also inequalities.

Investing in this type of finance is a growing phenomenon. Indeed, awareness about ecology allows citizens to understand the impact of economic activity on the environment. They therefore prefer to invest in eco-responsible and/or ethical projects rather than in others. Thus, several investment opportunities are available to citizens. We are thinking in particular ofsolidarity savings,who aim to invest your money via savings supports for solidarity initiatives and projects. There is also eco-responsible real estate investment. Indeed, this type of investment consists in investing in stone but choosing eco-responsible projects.

Supporting innovative projects that reduce the negative impacts of human activity on the planet has become a major challenge. Continuing to innovate is essential, but it must not affect the environment and pose risks to life.


Start-up for good: giving meaning to your R-PUR savings raises more than €400,000 on LITA.co, R-PUR x LITA.co, press release of 19 July 2021

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