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Portrait: Thibault SAINT-MARTIN and Lisanne CHAMBERLAND-POULIN, HOPE AVOCATS, the human sense

There are paths that find their sources at the heart of professional and human convictions. When the profession is passion, with simplicity, this is what led Thibault Saint-Martin and Lisanne Chamberland-Poulin to found the firm HOPE AVOCATS.


Lisanne CHAMBERLAND-POULIN, beyond the oceans of law

Quebec’s Lisanne CHAMBERLAND-POULIN is culturally committed to her independence and the principle of gender equality. Determined to play a role in societal developments, she began her law studies in Reunion and pursued them in Grenoble and Nantes.

Passionate about international relations and travel, she trained in international and European law. Lisanne sees the Law above all as a way to help others, to implement solutions. In a multicultural environment, across borders, she wanted to position herself in terms of fundamental rights, and in particular, to study in more detail the French and Quebec systems in immigration law.

After a first experience during her studies at the High Court of Saint-Pierre, in Reunion, Lisanne passed the entrance exam at the School of Lawyers. She chose to take this training in Bordeaux, as a matter of course, in 2015. Bordeaux has historically had strong links with overseas departments.

His training as a lawyer allows him to move towards public law in a strong way, thanks in particular to several months of experience at the Administrative Court of Bordeaux. Later, in the Bordeaux branch of the cabinet of Master Franck DUPOUY, she learned the profession of lawyer. These are the first times … Hearings, pleadings, case management and clients, the entrepreneurship of the lawyer’s daily life.

Thibault SAINT-MARTIN, “Lawyer, a profession that makes sense”

Thibault SAINT-MARTIN is passionate. Law, economics, politics, discoveries. Bordeaux, with Franco-African origins, he discovered at the age of eight the profession of lawyer, at the turn of a well-known American series. Beyond, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi… the great men he studies all seem to approach the profession of lawyer. A profession that makes sense, at the crossroads of the worlds. It allows advisors of multinationals as well as to accompany everyone, with a real role within the company.

After his bachelor’s degree, Thibault joined the Faculty of Law in Bordeaux. He completed his public law course with a year at the University of Bristol, England. His experience across the Channel instills in him a sense of rigour. In England, there is no right to error. Indeed, studies are very expensive and many students work in parallel with their studies. Early integration into the world of work that allows them to quickly acquire a sense of responsibility.

After obtaining his Master’s degree in European Law and several internships in the cabinet of Master Lionel BERNADOU where he put into practice his knowledge of public law, Thibault joined the School of Lawyers of Bordeaux in 2015.

He then had the opportunity to join the legal department of the Aquitaine Region (formerly). In particular, he works on the files related to the creation of New Aquitaine.

From collaboration to independence, a reasoned flight

Thibault SAINT-MARTIN completed his training with the firm DGD, a Bordeaux firm of about twenty people, and joined this team as a lawyer following his swearing-in.

Thibault participates in the development of the Department of Public Law, in collaboration on issues related to public procurement, urban planning… For institutional or construction clients.

At the same time, he also works as a Lecturer in European Union Law at the University of Bordeaux.

In the fall of 2016, Lisanne CHAMBERLAND-POULIN chose to join Thibault, whom she met at the School of Lawyers, at the firm DGD. In this firm, she devotes herself to real estate law, commercial law and public law.

At the same time, it develops its own clientele in the field of Foreign Law. Since February 2017, she has also been a member of the Institute for the Defence of Foreigners, which helps to ensure the emergency defence of foreigners placed in the Administrative Detention Centre.

When you’re under pressure, you’re capable

The development of its own clientele is growing, and it quickly becomes clear to Lisanne that continuing to collaborate in this context is tricky. At the same time, Thibault feels the need to “take flight” …

HOPE AVOCATS, the culture of the human being in the Cabinet

It is obvious to them: the same approach and the same state of mind. At the end of 2017, Thibault SAINT-MARTIN and Lisanne CHAMBERLAND-POULIN leave the DGD cabinet. More than an association, a symbiosis with their vision and their functioning. What brings them together, the culture of the brand, the result, the desire to evolve the profession while ensuring a good visibility to the values of the Firm.

HOPE AVOCATS is positioned as a reliable, close-to-the-do structure with an entrepreneurial culture serving its customers. The goal is to build a modern firm with powerful tools. Think from the start long term, be efficient and operational through thoughtful and necessary investments.

HOPE AVOCATS, open to the world, across borders, to be able to move forward, together. Thibault and Lisanne focus on innovation – being connected, as much as possible; interaction – bridging materials and individuals; and intuition – focus the customer relationship on trust.

Experts and open to the world, in the heart of Bordeaux’s up-and-going neighbourhoods

Placed at the crossroads of historic and dynamic neighbourhoods (Ginko, Basin afloat and Chartrons), HOPE AVOCATS breaks with the sacrosanct Cabinet in ultra-center. a subtle way of dusting off the profession, while making itself accessible, at the heart of the urban movement that gives wings to Bordeaux.

Consolidating their expertise in public law, Thibault and Lisanne also bring their specificities, With Lisanne continuing her missions related to the Law of Foreigners and Thibault devoting herself to criminal law. In the medium term, the ambition is to further develop a clientele in international and European law.

With their youth and dynamism, the 2018 goal of the two partners will be to consolidate the Firm, with a proactive and sensible approach. Beyond that, for Thibault and Lisanne, the role of the lawyer, more than ever, is to quickly identify the client’s needs, with kindness and listening, by (re)placing the human being at the heart of the profession.


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