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An engineer and specialist in Entrepreneurship, Matthieu BACQUIN joined Michel Goyhenetche Consultants, then ERDYN in Paris, specializing in innovation consulting. Struck by the prices applied, rightly, in the trade, Matthieu carries within him the desire to develop a business model allowing all sizes of companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises,000 or start-ups at their launch, to use innovation consulting, a key element of the growth of French companies.

The desire to undertake is something I have had in me for a long time but it is an adventure that requires a lot of skills. So I started by making the sponge to acquire skills and get started.

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The genesis of Self and Consult, serving all companies


While he did not envisage any significant evolution in his profession to solve this case of conscience, he discovered for the first time the term “consultech” in a press article. He then became interested in the digitalization of the council and found that the “consultech” was more like freelance consultants, Malt for example (formerly Hopwork).

At the same time, digital continues to prove that it democratizes trades in many sectors. The solution that Matthieu BACQUIN wants to invent is to formalize as much as possible his activity via digital tools in order to solve the problem of the first day and, by the same to do, to make the advice accessible to all trades.

The idea of democratizing the council was also to bring to the market. The council represents only 1% of GDP, but it is a huge market in the making provided that the situation is changed.

Accompanying while empowering innovation advice

The concept of Self and Consult holds in the name of the company: the firm always offers advice via consultants but it is first a software publishing company, self-materials, enhanced tutorials, so that at the end of the video, questionnaires and calculations, the client has actually done some of the work.

In all consulting occupations, clients can be on 20% of the job their own consultant provided that he is either trained in the present or guided in self-speaking.

Thanks to this concept, the firm, through its Self and Innov platform, is able to reach the SME/SME. Thus, Matthieu BACQUIN answers the reason why companies do not use the advice: the price and what is on the other side. When you buy a manufactured property, you can feel, test. Advice is intangible. Intellectual service is always tricky to acquire, so it’s always a gamble to get started.

For innovative companies (approximately 100,000 companies in France), the Self and Innov offer responds to the topic of financing to start with, and tax aid for innovation, using a detailed and comprehensive questionnaire, allowing to be “self-diagnosed”, with an estimate of the potential aids to be recovered.

Bespoke offers designed for all businesses

Although it is an important source of growth, the digital sector does not know at all the innovation tax credit, for example, which encompasses criteria somewhat broader than the Research Tax Credit; allowing, on average, to re-accredit nearly 25,000 euros of expenses incurred. Only 5,000 companies in France benefit each year, while more than 100,000 could potentially benefit.

The support services start with the Self and Secure package (1500 euros HT, or at least three times cheaper than a consulting firm), with the use of paid self-deliveries and expert review. This type of offer may be sufficient for the majority of SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To seduce them, Matthieu BACQUIN relies on the deployment of Digital communication tools (referencing, social networks, youtube, newsletters, online press articles…). In addition, some Aquitaine competitiveness clusters, the ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine, or the Finance Innovation Cluster in Paris invite their visitors to consult the Self and Innov platform, in order to quickly obtain information elements to sustain their innovation projects.

To date, Self and Innov has already attracted more than thirty customers, and anticipates a large deployment on national and even international territory in the long term. In 2018, the aim is to become the benchmark for innovation advice.

An expert team for innovation

At the heart of the Self and Innov project, of course, is Matthieu BACQUIN, but also Simon CREUCHET, who is the co-founder, computer engineer of ENSEA (and holder of the Master Innovation of Paris Dauphine). In-house, Raphael JOREL, who holds a master’s degree in software engineering from the University of Bordeaux, is in charge of the development of the platform. As for the expertise required in terms of the taxation of innovation, Amandine PERROUX, from the Taj cabinet in particular, brings her skills and passion to the service of Self and Innov. Jean-Emmanuel JAY is in charge of communication.

Matthieu BACQUIN now plans to evolve Self and Innov towards a JEI (Young Innovative Company), in particular in order to transform the consultant’s questioning know-how into effective artificial intelligence, in order to be able to refine the results in relation to the circumstantial of the Entrepreneur. In the long run, this deployment will also include a network of expert consultants, in which Self and Innov will play the role of business-in-bringer.

For me, running my business is a treat. I have always had the conviction and the desire to be a leader and I am delighted with my life today. It’s an important fuel to keep going. I feel like I belong. A startup is good, there’s adrenaline. Now it’s a little less stress, and especially a lot more fun to have in your hands a project with so much potential.



Source: Self and Consult

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