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Martin MALINVAUD has always been immersed in entrepreneurship. He was born into a family of entrepreneurs, at the head of a printing and industrial engraving company founded in 1871. This family climate sparked a desire to pursue entrepreneurship from an early age.

Martin MALINVAUD Founder Food Truck Agency

A journey rich in experience, entrepreneurship always in the firing line

Throughout his studies Martin MALINVAUD has not lost sight of his goal: to turn to entrepreneurship. He learned the basics of management, marketing and management during a training in Science and Management Technology. He later joined INSEEC in Bordeaux. Specializing in his preferred path, entrepreneurship. During all these years, he kept in mind the family business, and his desire to get started in his turn.

As a result, he has made his mark on professional experience abroad. In London, within the AXA group, but also in Montreal, Canada, for Messier Designer. This last experience was particularly intense, and revealing for him. For more than a year, he participated in the realization of process design and design setting. This experience was so formative and conclusive that the company’s manager wanted to count him as a collaborator of the company. But his desire to undertake, in line with current entrepreneurial notions, led him to finish his studies in Digital Marketing.

Photo credits: Manon LEPREVOST
Food Truck Agency is a company that revolutionizes the lunch break in the workplace. Photograph: Manon LEPREVOST

The choice of this direction was in response to a strong desire to keep the aging printing and industrial engraving industry, with solutions for the future. It is on the occasion of his last year of studies that he has a real entrepreneurial click. A click that will really kick-start a potential business project. This click took place during a graduation project. During which the students of his class had to imagine and create a business. A dummy project, originally, which came to fruition very quickly, making Martin MALINVAUD a real entrepreneur.

Food Truck Agency, a potential adventure that revolutionizes business power

With two of his classmates, Martin MALINVAUD is thinking about a business project for his graduation work. He finds that food-trucks are a good alternative to eating at work, or near schools. He then set up, with his friends Mathieu MONNEREAU and Boris LEGENDRE, a business project aimed at these mobile food trucks. In his final defence, evaluated by Erwann SIMON, director of CDiscount, he finished second. Erwann SIMON perceives the potential of his idea, following the feedback of the jury, won over by the idea, revealing an interesting market to explore. Thus, with his two comrades, he decided to turn a project of completion into a real company. Food Truck Agency was born in 2015.

From the beginning of the adventure, Martin MALINVAUD and his associates have embarked on many paths. They wanted to find the idea that would bring real added value to the Bordeaux market. A somewhat difficult period, entirely focused on the development of the company. The latter is marked above all by the lack of rest time or benefits. But the passion to undertake was even stronger, to propose an innovative and useful project. The following year, Martin MALINVAUD returned “to the school benches” with the Wagon. A three-month training course in parallel with his project allows him to learn more. During the latter, he learned to code, and acquired concepts that he considered essential to push the company and its concept. He also enjoys computers, and new technologies, which he wants to use right away.

“When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be a real Swiss knife”

From the project to the realization, towards an evolutionary and innovative model

Martin MALINVAUD continues to maintain strong ties with his family, especially with his brother, who took over the family business. Over the course of the exchanges, they talk about the very large amount of weekly work to be produced. The latter allows to bring satisfaction, but above all the result. A parallel was then created between the family business and the Food Truck Agency. The need to preserve its employees and employees, in order to move forward serenely. During the months following his training with Le Wagon, Martin MALINVAUD embarked on the development of an application and an important database for better management of trucks and order flows. His project is simple. Allow food trucks to be able to park in good locations for a share of revenue, at the foot of companies.

Thanks to its database, it manages the location of each truck on a daily basis, while following orders placed every day. Indeed, employees of companies do not always have much time to eat, and the wait to be served can quickly be a hindrance. With the Food Truck Agency app, customers can order their meal the day before, which will be served at the requested time. Time passes, and Martin MALINVAUD finds himself alone at the helm, his associates having taken different paths. He surrounds himself with a small team of former interns who know the company well, and together they change their business model.

A new business model that shakes up codes

Their new business model is no longer based on the revenue gain from Food Trucks, but on a subscription contract signed by the corporate customers. For a flexible subscription (once a month starting at 250 euros HT, up to once a day at 2000 euros HT), companies provide a location for the Food Trucks available to employees. Before each new collaboration, Martin MALINVAUD sends a questionnaire to employees of companies to find out their tastes and expectations.

This allows it to contact the most relevant Food Trucks, and establish on-site availability. Thus, gradually, he manages 1200 food trucks on the national territory, and brings them the best possible locations. The latter, at the foot of companies with 400 to 500 employees, offers them a real market. And for their part, more shares of their revenue to be paid, which is a considerable advantage over other competitors in the market.

Photo credits: Manon LEPREVOST
Martin MALINVAUD aims to expand its business beyond borders. Photo: Manon LEPREVOST

The Food Truck market is quite unseeded in general, with some independents not hesitating to invest locations that are not intended for them. With the application and management of Food Truck Agency, Martin MALINVAUD is committed to uniting a supportive and caring community, respecting the products served and the customer. To integrate the network, each food truck is evaluated, the quality of its products, its service is analyzed, using a precise quality charter.

If at the beginning of his adventure, Martin MALINVAUD himself started the food trucks he saw, the trend has been reversed. Indeed, he regularly receives new applications from all over France, and travels to meet them. Care is also taken to respect hygiene, which is so important in the food industry. A primary respect in the middle of COVID-19.

A varied solution, at the service of partners, but also of companies

Today, Food Truck Agency has come a long way, and is moving to many sites all over France, especially in major cities. These are the places where large companies set up business. If Bordeaux was the first city of establishment, due to its dynamism and the attachment of Martin MALINVAUD following his career, cities like Paris or Lyon are also concerned. More than 30 culinary styles are available for lovers of fresh produce, on a short circuit, from The American to thai, Japanese or English.

A useful way to combine the useful with the pleasant, with a real position on the “local and fresh consumption”. Indeed, the desire to eat better is part of the needs of employees of companies, who do not have an Inter-Enterprise Restaurant or Canteen. Food Truck Agency has emerged and is developing to provide a pleasant, healthy and economically interesting solution.

Moreover, and given the current health situation, the concept of ordering in advance is totally in line with measures of social distance. By ordering your dish in advance, it avoids gatherings of people, and also limits the wait. The sanitary conditions of food trucks are also closely monitored. Regular checks allow us to see if the quality charter is respected (hygiene, punctuality, friendliness, and quality of dishes). Food trucks can also evolve their menu. However, they must notify Food Truck Agency which then updates its card for orders.

Interesting prospects for the future, for a tenfold development

Food Truck Agency has experienced significant development, but has always made the choice not to depend on investors. This allows us to develop a completely organic business. Development is thus based solely on the funds and knowledge that form the basis of everything. Since their inception, however, they have been able to count on the support of partners such as Incubator (INSEEC Group) or Village By CA for more than a year.

These supports allow Martin MALINVAUD and his collaborators to see bigger, and to look to the future with ambition. If the concept explodes in France in all targeted cities, it plans to repeat the same model abroad. These are countries that face the same problems as France in terms of business restoration. In Europe, for example, Food Truck Agency is interested in Italy or Switzerland.

Bordeaux is a city that is a good reference to identify market developments. In full expansion and this for several years, it sees new food trucks created every week. The company’s market also fluctuates, with the arrival of new companies, moving and development. These are all factors that provide an opportunity to deploy even more, to conquer new markets.

The Food Truck, a mobile kitchen above all

The advantage of food trucks is the ability to move easily, and thus to offer customers a more frequent turnover of the types of cuisine offered. Unlike traditional restaurants, they have no rent to pay, which has allowed them to better get through the COVID-19 crisis, which has had a significant impact on the French economy.

Despite the drop in demand from companies, closed during the lockdown, Martin MALINVAUD and his employees are already anticipating the start of September. A much-anticipated new year, which combines good eating and flexibility, so dear to the heart of Food Truck Agency.


Food Truck Agency

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