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Céline LAGUIONIE has always been attracted and driven by aesthetics. Over the course of his studies, and his professional experiences, his attraction to this sector has only strengthened. An attraction centered on well-being, the human aspect, but above all the desire to offer new services. Founder of the Silk Ladder, Céline LAGUIONIE is also one of the pioneers of the facialist profession. Between luxury and cocooning, well-being becomes accessible, the time of a relaxing break …

Well-being, aesthetics, the realization of a dream

Céline LAGUIONIE has always wanted to work in the aesthetic professions. She therefore followed training in aesthetics; including a CAP at the Private School of Cosmetic Aesthetics of Touraine… And a BP at the Françoise Morice school in Aix en Provence. These two trainings reinforce his desire to pursue his career in this sector.

She then wanted to start her career in luxury establishments. Céline LAGUIONIE then applied to spas and hotels… And landed a position at the luxury establishment Sofitel, where she worked at the Spa, on behalf of an external company. The opportunity during these few months to discover the universe and the state of mind that are specific to Luxury.

Then, in 2008, she began a new professional experience in a company specializing in care in Toulon. Céline LAGUIONIE then found the specialization that she still pursues today. Indeed, during her activity, she developed facial treatments, and met with great success. The face is an exciting part of the body, which is a reflection of its good health.

Céline LAGUIONIE facialist
Taking care of your skin and face is essential. Photography Manon LEPREVOST

In addition, she is involved in the development of the company, contributing in particular to the opening of a new site in Marseille, where she will practice for ten years, and in Aix. She takes care of the implementation of the various protocols, which allows her to have a first foot in the entrepreneurial world.

During these ten years, Céline LAGUIONIE develops her know-how and her technique, and carries out all the treatments practiced by the beauticians… Before specializing in facials. At the time, the treatments exclusively dedicated to this part of the body did not yet exist, or very little… Just like the term “facialist”.

The Silk Ladder, solicit the muscles of the face

After her rich professional experience, Céline LAGUIONIE wants to change. She then left the South-East of France with her husband, and discovered Bordeaux. A city where she likes it, and where she decides to settle down to start a new adventure. This adventure begins in particular around facials, recurrent treatments still little practiced.

Having become one of the first facialists, Céline LAGUIONIE appreciates the work around the face. It has more than fifty muscles, too often neglected for lack of massages and regular treatments. Thanks to small reflexes, it is possible to restore radiance to your complexion, and have beautiful skin.

Thus, in May 2018, she created her own company, L’Echelle de Soie. A Bordeaux company, specialized around facials. To take care of yourself, the time of a moment. But the beginnings were not the simplest, because like any service still not widespread … Customers have restraints to turn to them.

The real take-off of L’Echelle de Soie then begins at the first confinement,in March 2020. Two years, during which the profession of facialist is recognized, and develops. Expertise, knowledge of the face and products for care and good health during wellness sessions.

Céline LAGUIONIE L'Echelle de Soie facialiste
Each session is based on listening and exchange. A relationship of trust that is proven. Photography Manon LEPREVOST

Thus Céline LAGUIONIE develops her company alone, and offers a range of treatments around the face. Personalized sessions, during which she takes the time to interact with her clients. Indeed, each session begins with an exchange with the client to identify her rhythm of life, her habits, and her feelings… Before proposing an adapted care program. Treatments of more than an hour, with the objective of listening.

The customer at the heart of the environment of L’Echelle de Soie

Céline LAGUIONIE wants above all to establish a relationship of trust and exchanges with her customers. Indeed, she does not want to “chain” appointments, and reserves for each customer a range of two hours. It covers in particular the care, the exchange beforehand, and a time after the session during which Céline makes a detailed report.

The use of such care is like a sports session. To feel the benefits in the long term, it is necessary to continue them over time… And not to limit oneself to a single session. In addition, she works closely with healthcare professionals such as naturopaths and foot reflexologists who help clients with specific needs find solutions.

It offers three different offers for customers, including one that remains accessible to the general public… So that customers allow themselves this relaxing break. Treatments that vary from 62 € to 80 €. The choice of Bordeaux was also a wise decision, because even today, there are few facialists present.

Céline LAGUIONIE is a true enthusiast, anxious to transmit the right gestures to reproduce to her customers. For this, she grants during her appointments a time dedicated to learning gestures and care. Thus, each client is then able to carry them out at home, on a regular basis outside of appointment times.

Céline LAGUIONIUE L'Echelle de Soie tools
During her care, Céline LAGUIONIE uses her hands… But also stones and tools. Photography Manon LEPREVOST

Counterbalanance the pandemic, the take-off of L’Echelle de Soie

Thus, for two years, since the beginnings of L’Echelle de Soie, there are not enough customers to get the company off the start. This is due, among other things, to the lack of knowledge of the activity of the fascialist, a profession not very common in Bordeaux. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, in March 2020, also did not seem to be an event conducive to the evolution of L’Echelle de Soie. And yet…

Céline LAGUIONIE chose during this period of confinement to communicate with her customers remotely. For this, she offered every day (week) live videos from her social networks. Direct exchanges with potential customers, with advice, sharing of one’s own skills around facial treatments. Videos sometimes also in duo, with the intervention of naturopaths, for example.

The result of his lives is immediate. They give L’Echelle de Soie the visibility expected by its leader. The fruit of a regularity and autonomy, which Céline LAGUIONIE still pursues today. Thus, following its communication action, L’Echelle de Soie sees its complete agenda for the three weeks following the deconfinement. A mobilization coming 40% from Instagram, where the lives take place; 60% related to word of mouth, including 10% direct searches via the internet.

The majority of its clientele consists of women between the ages of 30 and 50. The typical profile is a 37-year-old mother, entrepreneur or senior executive. Céline LAGUIONIE also notes that three-quarters of her clientele lives on the Right Bank of Bordeaux, while she is not limited to this sector, addressing the entire CUB.

Build a relationship of trust on a daily basis

Beyond taking a wellness break, a moment of relaxation away from everyday life, the customers of L’Echelle de Soie want an action on the signs of aging. Sometimes immediate results following a session, but which are maintained.

“In this business, there must be a reciprocal hook between the client and her fascialist. Trust leads to more results.”

As her business grows, Céline LAGUIONIE works alone. A thoughtful choice, which allows him to create this relationship of trust with his customers. She does not plan to open her own practice immediately, moving for the moment to the homes of her clients. However, she does not remain closed to this prospect, for example by starting to practice in the office of another practitioner, a few days a week.

Céline LAGUIONIE has carried out several training courses, advanced training courses for years. She is constantly looking to learn new techniques, to offer the best service to her customers.

“You have to have seen a thousand faces before dealing with a face in depth.”

In the wellness and care market, there are many machines. Machines using LED technology or alternating current, in particular. Céline LAGUIONIE does not use machines; indeed, it considers that the human remains the most efficient. She uses, among other things, her hands, and tools based on stones. For example, Crystal Quartz allows a mechanical action to drain lymphs, while Rose Quartz has an action on wrinkles.

stones facial skin care treatment
Quartz makes it possible to treat the face in depth. Photography Manon LEPREVOST

Local and organic products, the guarantee of quality care

In addition to using natural stones, Céline LAGUIONIE turns to natural products from local productions. It is supplied in particular with oil in Cap Ferret, from Océopin. During the treatments of L’Echelle de Soie, Céline LAGUIONIE offers an oil massage to her customers. A massage of about thirty minutes, on a total treatment of one hour. She also uses organic virgin oils from Gascony, and says with a smile “Fat is life”.

Above all, it seeks to favour the most natural treatments and actions possible. And in Bordeaux, this approach is appreciated. Indeed, there is a strong potential on site, with a demanding clientele, but a poorly developed offer. This potential is demonstrated thanks to the visibility that L’Echelle de Soie acquires via the internet and its presence on social networks.

Thus, people who discover its activity come at first for their skin … Then come back to relax and take time for them.

“This is their moment, a moment that they agree.”

Céline LAGUIONIE also relies on word-of-mouth from her clients, especially from local influencers with a community. Thus, two local bloggers made an appointment at L’Echelle de Soie, and told their experience with their community. A good advertisement for the company, which saw as a result of their communication its appointment book fill up.

Present in a demanding market, but still little developed, Céline LAGUIONIE does not only want to stay on the Bordeaux market. Indeed, it aims in the medium term to develop in the Basque Country, in Biarritz or Bayonne. An ambition that is essentially based on the evolution of the health situation, which influences the development of companies.

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