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How was Com & Visit born? Audrey Oranger studied marketing at INSEEC in Bordeaux. Passionate about events, she works for Aquibat and Reed Exposition France in Paris. She joined LISEA to take charge of the communication relating to the construction sites of the Tours-Bordeaux high-speed line. In the field, it meets all stakeholders: local residents, elected officials, journalists, associations… Its essential role is then to establish a real local communication. Thus, it is the link between the site (the technical teams, the engineers…) and the public. While helping to reassure, explain the implementation of this major project.

An exciting experience, and which allows him to meet, within LISEA, his future partner, Sandrine.

Com And Visit Bordeaux Business

Sandrine Larrouy Castera trained in Modern Literature at the University of Bordeaux, she graduated from the French Press Institute in Paris, and from CELSA Sorbonne University, in public communication and territorial development. His career has focused on both the public and the private sector, in positions of communication and institutional relations. At the heart of the first phase of the tramway in Bordeaux, it followed all the premises of the transformation of the city, while becoming aware of the issues of sustainable development.

From CSR to site visits

Within the Lyonnaise des Eaux, Sandrine participates in CSR policy, with a deep reflection on the change of the business model of the company and the relationship to the territory. She then joined LISEA for nearly four years, at the heart of the transformation of the agglomeration. In charge of site visits, having accompanied more than 20,000 people, in partnership with the Tourist Office, it also welcomes local residents to inform them and explain the projects that concern them.

Com & Visit, the entrepreneurial adventure, as a new challenge

With LISEA, the project coming to an end, before going into operating mode, Sandrine Larrouy Castera feels the need to defend the subjects close to her heart. His meeting with Audrey within the company is a click. Very quickly, the idea of Com and Visit emerged, with a launch at the end of 2016.

The project relies on the facilitation and support of companies for B to B visits (this is the heart of Com & Visit). It brings end visitors closer to the tour offer, with Bienvenue en Coulisses, an underlying project more oriented B to C.

Indeed, visits to companies are a qualitative and effective communication tool, allowing an immediate return of visitors, triggering exchanges. Thus, at the Lyonnaise des Eaux, visitors were aware of the environmental issues, the loads of the Lyonnaise des Eaux, but they were also aware of the impact they themselves had on the use they made of water.

In immersion within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, it is easier for visitors to take stock of the challenges, responsibilities and constraints of companies.

Com & Visit, a team that is growing little by little

In addition to Audrey and Sandrine, a first employee, Evi Garceau recently joined the Com & Visit adventure as a mediator guide. She is in charge of visits related to the call for tenders won within the Euratlantique Project House. Com & Visit also welcomes two people on a webmarketing internship, Saïd Chammas and Solène Pichot, who take care of the website bienvenueencoulisses. com, and also participate in guided tours. They are also involved in the call for projects ” Reinventing the experience in Gare Saint-Jean”. In partnership with the Bordeaux University Foundation and the MAGEST Bordeaux Montaigne Master, this project offers guided tours behind the scenes of the station.

A hybrid and reasoned business model

Com and Visit covers two types of customers. In B to B, the company intervenes to study the implementation of the visit, how the plant is operated, provide a guide, and market visits to the site In B to C, visits are made directly to the general public, delegations of elected officials, school visitors.

It should be kept in mind that companies have several brakes to open their doors (technical brakes, security, security, or even financial). Also, entry into the device should not be costly for the company. If the visit already exists, it can reach the device almost gracefully. The variable costs of communication and guidance are largely absorbed by the ticket price for visitors, with rates arranged for the school public, involving sometimes shorter and very affordable visits.

Thinking of a reasoned business model

The price positioning is thus accessible, variable from one company to another, depending on the visit time, in particular, adjacent to that of a cinema ticket, or a museum. For companies for whom the visit does not yet exist, the communication issue is essential. Thus, the Louis Fargues wastewater treatment plant, in Bassin à Flots, must be registered in a district in full transformation. Few know that the Station partially heats the neighborhood, thanks to the use of calories produced by the processing of matter. Com and Visit had the idea to build a route between urban and technical tour, around the transformation and energy transition of the neighborhood.

Being part of the heart of the Bordeaux ecosystem

In addition to guided tours, Com & Visit also offers the organization of seminars or study trips. The company also responds to particular professional issues. Thus, the organizational support of managers for the Banque Postale, or the meeting of economic actors of the FinTech. Audrey and Sandrine are involved in the networks of economic actors in the territory, in order to connect the right people.

They can also organise study trips on specific topics, in addition to institutional actors, such as the circular economy, or the innovation ecosystem… Beyond that, Com and Visit relies on the tourist attraction of the Bordeaux territory, to which they are committed to contributing. In particular, Audrey and Sandrine want to develop turnkey offers in view of the region’s economic wealth.

The year of ambitions

After two years of existence, by 2019, the challenge for Audrey and Sandrine will be to validate their business model, perpetuate their activity with the search for institutional partnerships. While working, within the Darwin Camp, to measure the social and societal impact of their activity.

Their market is certainly growing. But the awareness by companies of the challenges of communicating, making people understand the made in local, affirming the pride of the territory, or even a real economic heritage, is only gradually emerging.

By the end of the year a dozen companies should have joined the catalog of visits to the Gironde. Contributing to enhancing the economic dimension of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, by highlighting its industry and its successes.

A company at the service of awareness

Since the beginning of the Com and Visit adventure, Audrey has been committed to making the company sustainable, to make it a success. Their first recruitment is a great satisfaction. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she prides herself on success. Sandrine wants to continue to be able to collect feedback from visitors. And thus raise awareness of the responsibility of companies, communities, consumers… Raise awareness of the place of each and every actor in the economic and social environment.

We will have succeeded when we have worked on the social and societal impact

This is the Part of the hummingbird dear to Pierre Rabhi: small actions advance a whole, everyone does a little… Today, Com & Visit’s share is already a first challenge. Have managed to build an involved team that shares the same social values.


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