Penelope, from the equestrian world to premium leather goods

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EKKIA now offers the Pénélope brand among its references. The leading equipment manufacturer in the horse market wanted to expand its offers and product ranges. Offering equestrian products until then, the brand begins to see further… And to set up a premium range that offers leather goods and ready-to-wear, for both riders and non-riders. This brand was co-created by Céline Leroux and Pénélope Leprevost, rider and Olympic team champion and vice-world champion. Their goal? Develop a new market.

Penelope, lifestyle ambitions for the EKKIA Group

Since its creation in 1967, the EKKIA Group has been developing in the horse and equestrian equipment market. Indeed, it achieves more than 80 million euros in turnover, and employs more than 300 people. It is also a group that is very involved internationally. It has a portfolio of 40 international brands, and more than 15,000 product references distributed in more than 70 countries around the world. Proof of great success and even stronger ambitions for the future.

Photography: Penelope

For their part, Céline Leroux and Pénélope Leprevost wanted to offer a fashion and lifestyle universe that retains an equestrian touch. A universe to which the two young women are very attached, thanks to the track record of Penelope, which gives its name to the brand. It offers ready-to-wear items, leather goods, but also accessories and equipment for horses. Riders will be able to find bridles, blankets, kidney covers, and many other products …

Faced with the success of the products, Pénélope joined the EKKIA group to increase its volume of activity and join a group with which it has strong common values. EKKIA’s ambitions are high in terms of results. Indeed, the group hopes that the Pénélope brand alone will generate 20 million euros in turnover by 2028.

Develop brand visibility

Through its operation, the EKKIA group works and highlights more than 40 brands internationally. Penelope, is already very well established in its market – it is now sold in the 85 PADD points of sale of the EKKIA group, and distributed to more than 250 resellers in France and internationally. Resellers who are also on the equestrian market. This allows the brand to achieve a turnover of 10 million euros each year.

Photography: Penelope

To support the brand’s effort and fulfill its objectives, EKKIA wishes to extend Penelope’s influence beyond the equestrian sphere alone. For this, the group intends to get closer to ready-to-wear and fashion brands.

These course changes are becoming more and more common in trade. Reaching a wider audience, while offering high-quality products. For multi-brand platforms like EKKIA, this operation could not be more topical. For the brands concerned too, the opportunities are numerous. Joining a marketplace or a solid network ensures more visibility, for a commission on sales. But in the aftermath of the pandemic, isn’t it an attractive idea to bounce back and boost new products?


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(2) TRADEMARKS | Penelope Store

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