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Updated on October 6, 2020. YesPark is a life-changing app for motorists looking for a parking space. As auser, move to Bordeaux can quickly become a real headache. Indeed, in addition to the time spent on the road, the issue of parking quickly becomes problematic. It’s hard to find a nearby parking lot that doesn’t pay or doesn’t pay. In addition, thee parking in underground car parks in the city centre quickly become expensive. POur facilitate the daily life and travel of individuals in the metropolis, The company YesPark has developed a smart application. An application to make the experience more enjoyable for motorists.

A safe and economical solution proposed by YesPark

Beyond a simple application, YesPark is as close as possible to the needs of the market. For people living in Bordeaux, having a parking space in residence is not always guaranteed, especially depending on the area you are in. In addition, in most cases, renting a parking space is often very expensive, combined with the price of parking in the street. Motorists are resigned and looking for alternatives. Namely, the relay car parks offered with the public transport subscription. They also look for free parking, sometimes far from their destination.

In response to these various problems encountered in Bordeaux, but also in all the major cities of France, YesPark has looked at the formalization of an effective and sustainable solution. In residences, many spaces are not occupied, which therefore offers additional parking potential for motorists. For example, YesPark has become closer to social landlords and has established a partnership in Bordeaux and its outskirts with six landlords, representing some 34 car parks in this territory, or more than 450 places available for rent. Users of this application can therefore find a parking space nearby and rent it monthly at a more than competitive price (30% cheaper than conventional parking spaces). A not inconsiderable advantage for them is that the rental is non-binding, making it possible to end the rental very easily.

Parking wheels cars
Parking in Bordeaux is a difficult exercise on the streets.

YesPark, or how to operate underground parking spaces

These coveted spaces are unused parking spaces in the underground car parks of partner residences. For example, thee even concept of renting these places to people who are looking for a safe place to park their vehicle is a real added value. This action, initiated by YesPark has many advantages. OThe economic advantage for tenants, the rental of local car parks helps to limit the parking forbidden and dangerous on the roads while facilitating the travel of users who are closer to their destination. Finally, it reassures motorists who know their vehicle safely in a protected car park. On the side of residences and social landlords, the rental of unoccupied parking lots allows them to earn additional income. Revenus that are used in full for the maintenance of residences.

A real need in a limited market

If since 2017 the city of Bordeaux has gradually made its parking lots pay in the different districts, the solution does not really help motorists, on the contrary. Indeed, they have two solutions. Forresidents, a subscription system is available at 165 euros per year. It leur permet to park freely on a defined area around their place of residence. Outside this area, parking is paid for at the timer, as does for non-residents; a solution that quickly becomes expensive, at more than 30 euros for 3 hours depending on the sector. In addition, it is not always guaranteed for people with this subscription to be able to park their vehicle near their destination. This,as in other areas of the city.

For people living in Bordeaux and living in a residence with parking, it is possible when buying or renting an apartment to benefit from a dedicated parking space within the residence. A solution to avoid paying for the subscription. However, an apartment has only one parking lot, which is problematic when the resident owns several vehicles. If this is the case, then the problem repeats itself, and the need for another guaranteed parking is expressed.

Investing in the purchase of a parking lot in the face of soaring rates

While some people turn to renting or buying a parking space, they are struck by the lack of rental spaces by private individuals. These very often have themselves already a vehicle occupying the parking lot. If the purchase of a parking space was also an option, today it is more complex. Pricesarecoming from the rise of real estate in Bordeaux. The tariff changes between 15,000-20,000 to 25,000-30,000 at present. A budget not always possible for Bordeaux households.

With the gradual development of applications such as YesPark where social landlords can make available and at competitive prices rentals of secure parking spaces in residence, the comfort of life in Bordeaux is improving. Indeed, being able to park your car freely close to your home or your workplace avoids the search for parking in the middle of the street sometimes far from its destination or to pay an exorbitant price by the time stamps. This makes it easier for residences to finance renovations or maintenance for the comfort of their residents, to make motorists a simpler and more advantageous parking lot and to relieve congestion in the city, thus facilitating access to available spaces for other motorists who do not need a location over time.

Underground car parking
The rental of unused underground parking can make up for the lack of space on the streets.

YesPark, an app that encourages the development of other initiatives

Faced with the success of YesPark in the metropolis, many now wish to offer associated services. Indeed, Bordeaux is a particularly attractive city, and attracts new families every year wishing to settle there. For moving, or storing furniture in this interval, the rental of a box is thus possible. It keeps your furniture safe. Thus, offers exist with prices varying depending on the duration or volume of the chosen box. This is a good alternative for a serene move or move. But the rental of boxes can also allow you to park your vehicle. Failing to find a parking space at a reasonable price, the box proves to be a good alternative.

So for rental box Bordeaux is an interesting metropolis, with multiple offers. Conventional box and parking are a range of solutions for storage and parking, combining safety and flexibility. The highlight of the box rental is to be able to return it when you need it more. In Bordeaux, there are three areas where to find boxes: in Bordeaux-Lac, Floirac and on the Talence side. A tailor-made solution, therefore, for users who need a quick and secure solution. Parking in metropolitan areas is changing. The development of public transport limits the use of cars. For professionals, this is a sign of change. And the availability of more parking spaces on the streets of the city.


Press release – November 28, 2018 – YES PARK

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